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Blind Pilot

[ed. note — Hey, whut whut, has it really been three months since my last update? Probably the 4,500,000 points I have in Bejeweled Twist were responsible. If you asked for a song from me during this time, and you didn’t get one, write in again. I just sent a few out to people who commented last month. Check your inbox! And your spam box, ha ha.]

Today’s music is actually the music of last year, but I’d never heard of Blind Pilot until my brother-in-law pointed me toward their 2008 album “3 Rounds and A Sound.” This is not unusual, given how much mail & RSS I sift through every day, but what a criminal oversight. Blind Pilot is what you’d charitably call GWG music (Guy With Guitar) — even though there is a rest of the band — so if you don’t like that, bail now. But I do! I love it! Especially if it comes from Portland, where they grow it all organic-like.

Oddly, the songs from “3 Rounds” remind me forcibly of the Format, not because there are handclaps (there aren’t) but because there’s a joyfulness in the music that just says, these people are having fun with their music. It’s not SRS BZNS, and if you danced to it, that might be okay, indie princess. And that’s pretty much it — I just like this music, I like songs that say till Kingdom Come / you’re the one I want. Oh, sweet devotion.

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