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Some upgrading to WP 2.5 going on. I’m terrible at it so we’ll see what happens.

Oddly enough …

Most of you have probably heard about the new Facebook addition you can put on (applications, they call ’em … I always thought it was like job applications, but turns out they mean it in the sense of “programs.” Yeah.) — the Music Blogs app. Well, with no effort on my part, Bon Ton is on there. I searched for it out of pure humor, but lo and behold. If you have a blog, and you have Facebook … you better go see yourself on there.

It lets you stream all the music that is featured on each blog. I don’t like it because it’s divorced from the commentary, and the commentary is why I read music blogs. If I wanted a bunch of random music, I’d go hang out on the hype machine. Music blogs’ personas can be trusted to help you find music you like. But! If you already have some blogs you trust, then here’s a quick way to preview music, find artist links, and visit blogs you like (Facebook obviously doesn’t let you download). It’s … sort of nifty. I am not a cool kid and I mostly use Facebook to connect with my in-laws, but this could be good for some easy listening.


I want to apologize to Ryan from the Catbirdseat, who posted a nice comment onto my last post, even though I maligned his site … by mistake I marked the comment as spam and then Akismet did its thing (I’m very tired this morning). Ryan fills a niche too, let’s not forget. There always has to be someone out there who’s faster and more smug than you, someone with the opposite view who fires you up and makes you think.

That being said, let’s adjourn to the 19th century.

Hector Berlioz — La Gloire (from “Benvenuto Cellini”). Performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Colin Davis.

To my 8 faithful LJ readers: I’m sorry the feed is repeating itself so much. I don’t know how to fix it. I hope it’s not being weird on peoples’ RSS readers too. Yeek.

Webhost eats Boy Eats Drum Machine

Ya know, I was just looking at the site going … “but where’s my post on Boy Eats Drum Machine?”. My webhost had a weird glitch over the weekend and had to move to different servers. I guess the post got lost in the shuffle — well, that’s what I get for trying to write seriously. Or not backing up my journal more often. Grrrrr.

Here is the BEDM information again:

Boy Eats Drum Machine — Site | Myspace

[Tracks removed. Please contact me for a copy.]

Boy Eats Drum Machine – Let’s Get Lost Sometime

Boy Eats Drum Machine – Introduction A


Well! My computer imploded over the weekend … first the video card, then the power supply, then the motherboard. It was the Great Computer Implosion of 07. So my dear husband went out and bought a new one, and also saved my old hard drive, which meant he saved all my music. It took me awhile to resort back through it and figure everything out, but I’m back.

Also, I had to take all files down that were hosted on Filelodge … they have been “down for maintenance” for like a month. The problem with these places is that people don’t just put up sweet l’il music files … they put up some terribly nasty crap. But I’m serious when I say that you can contact me for any tracks that have been taken down. I’m happy to attach them to an email or put them up on YSI. Filexoom remains, though my bandwidth is almost up … and then likely I will have to go with something else, probably something like YSI. Which is why I repeat my previous offer. Ask me; I won’t say no. How could I?

Also also, Largehearted Boy is holding a contest for its fifth birthday — all you have to do is go here and drop a comment and you could win 50 cds. Little work! Lotta possible payoff! Go forth!

And now on to Ms. Winehouse. A friend of mine sent me the single “Rehab,” from her album entitled “Back to Black,” and I was instantly attracted to her Motown-fusion style. Winehouse obviously has a solid knowledge of jazz, classic r&b, and motown sound. Her voice is beautiful (it doesn’t sound like it belongs with her body, a comment she probably hears often, and if you see the video for “Rehab” you may well say to yourself, as I did, “Is she … lip-synching?”). But the real swingers on “Rehab” are the sax and the piano; the lyrics are kind of inane but they just rock when you pair up Winehouse’s torch singing with those fine instruments.

Winehouse is old enough to know about drinking and broken hearts and waking up alone; and she gives a nod to Billy Paul with her song “Me and Mr Jones (Fuckery).” But the album on the whole is one-note; it’s unhappy and it self-medicates and sometimes I just don’t want to be around it. Perhaps Winehouse is too young to realize that the same tradition that brought us the St Louis Blues also brought us Louis Armstrong, and his enduring tune about it sometimes being a pretty wonderful world. Nevertheless, this album is enormously popular over the pond, and they know what they’re about over there. Give it a try.

Amy Winehouse – Site | Myspace | Label (Island)

Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game



One of my favorite things to do is download a bucketload of songs from my 100+ rss subscriptions — I mean really just fill up my desktop. Then I just click on stuff randomly and discard what I don’t like, which is about half of it. And the rest … the rest! Via the fabulous Come Pick Me Up, which I am just a pale shadow of, I happened on Immoor, who is the nominal equivalent of Luce (they both use their last names as their bandnames. Immoor’s first name is, dissonantly, Casey). The album, released in November, is called “The Thievery Of Your Own Things.”

Immoor is dreamy rock combined with electronica, and it’s majorly danceable — so danceable, in fact, that a reviewer at Headphones Turned On offered readers $10 (Canadian) if they didn’t dance to it — heh. But the album doesn’t just rely on the beat and the swoopy ambient noise– Immoor’s lyrics are really smart, which is such a plus with electronica. I am extremely fond of “Unit 371,” with its line, it’s an obvious sign of complacent despair. I need to use that line more often in real life.

Immoor – Site | Myspace

Immoor – Collapsible Construction

Immoor – Underside Up


change to links

I felt like I wasn’t representing my blogger homies enough in the sidebar, but I hate a big cluttered sidebar. So I took all the links and put them on a new page, which you can reach by clicking on “reading list & feeds” over there on my newly uncluttered sidebar. Have fun poking through all the blogs! They are all super.

Bandwidthy things are going along — October’s files are almost all replaced. Anything before that, I’m sorry to say, has become a casualty of my laziness. So let’s see what we have this week.

Celebrity Quote of the Week:
[Newsweek] Do you get upset when you see all these skinny young actresses [in Los Angeles]?

[Thompson] I can’t bear it. When I come to L.A. next week I’m planning to wear very tight dresses that emphasize my behind enormously and sashay around, wiggling my large bottom, saying, “This is normal and what it should be like.”
–Emma Thompson in Newsweek online. Oh yeah? Try living here. Just going to the grocery store is an exercise in self-hatred.

Good Charlotte video for “Keep Ya Hands Off My Girl” — newsflash, dude. No one WANTS your girl. PS, Cake called, and they want their song format back. Losers.

Paul Simon video for “Outrageous”. He’s got a Nikon camera, he loves to take photographs, so momma, don’t take his Kodachrome away.

At the New York Post, they report on Scott Stereogum’s good fortune. Congrats, Scott! Next it’ll be hookers and penthouses and Cristal, or you’ve learned nothing from MTV.

The DIY Rockstar gives tips on how to dress emo. Like they need more encouragement! Heh.

At Asthmatic Kitty, you can preview Sufjan’s Christmas albums. If you want to. And I’m not saying you want to get in the Christmas spirit just yet.

If John Mayer doesn’t quit with this blues guitar business, I’m going to start liking him … and that will mean Hell has frozen over, and we’re all going to turn into icicles. C’mon John Mayer! Won’t you please think of the children??

Slate magazine article “Borat Owes Me $97”. I think Borat is sheer idiocy, but I’m such a sucker for cultural criticism.

If you’re missing the days when you kicked butt in Streetfighter, you can try American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu.

And finally, just to toot my own horn, Bon Ton made the Philly Inquirer. Hee! It reminds me of the days when I was going to work on a newspaper … yeah. Before I realized exactly how pushy you have to be to be a reporter.

[eta: New Contrast Podcast! Can’t leave that out. Also breaking news as Brit-Brit finally dumps her trailer trash husband. Next on the list: NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE. For the love of Pete, woman.]

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This site’s file-hosting problems have not been solved, but I have a band-aid over the wound for the moment. My ISP only gives 800GB of bandwidth a month, and I’m afraid you all will suck it away in minutes, so I’m still searching for something as gullible useful as EZarchive. If you download the song below, let me know how it went! Too slow? Didn’t work? Anything.

So I have high hopes for Young Galaxy’s new album, set for release in spring 2007. This is about as advance as I ever get; Young Galaxy just signed with Arts & Crafts, and they don’t have even a prior album (but they’re Canadian! Which means they’re fabu). Coming from someone who won’t buy a CD unless she loves at least three songs on it, this doesn’t mean a whole lot, but I can’t stop listening to “Swing Your Heartache.” I’m not sure exactly what swinging one’s heartache would entail, but I interpret as dancing in the face of unhappiness. I like the sheer brashness of it: “we believe in time that you will see / the frontier is misery.”

Young Galaxy – Site & Label (Arts & Crafts) | Myspace

[This track has been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Young Galaxy – Swing Your Heartache


First, the ticky technical things:

1) My old links still seem to be working, but for how long, I can’t say. EZarchive is still in flux and they aren’t supposed to be battened down until the end of the week.
2) It isn’t possible to upload anything but image files … or zip files … but I’m not gonna zip everything up. Plus apparently, new bandwidth restrictions are in place. Therefore … new hosting must be found … somewhere, somehow … and there went the money I paid EZarchive, down the drain. Will they refund? Who knows.

And so, onwards … for now we’ll go the honest route, since there’s still yummy music to be had. Once in awhile I get an interesting email from Bloodshot Records, my favorite purveyor of grimy alt-country-rock. The Detroit Cobras, the Old 97s, Scott Biram, the Deadstring Brothers, Neko Case … the list goes on. Bloodshot is like donuts, according to Homer — is there anything they can’t do?

The Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook (hurts my fingers typing all that) is a replay of those old traditional folk & gospel songs. They survive on their own merits, of course — “Amazing Grace,” “Down In the Valley,” “Wabash Cannonball,” and such are all in the Americana canon — but they’re redone beautifully. If you like the old-timey stuff, you’re good to go with this compilation. And if you’re in Chicago, you could even sign yourself up for classes at the Old Town School Of Folk Music — how cool is that?

Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook (Vol 1) – Site (at Bloodshot Records)

Colby Maddox – Shady Grove (the mp3 file says “Shady Groove” for some reason)
Janet Bean – Deep Water Blues

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EZarchive go boom

For your information, the site on which I store all the fabulous music which I share (EZarchive) is migrating its servers. Apparently within a very short span of time (less than a day), all my links will die and have to be resurrected by hand. It is very likely that I will be much too lazy to restore anything but (perhaps!) the last month’s-worth of songs.
Therefore! It might behoove you to scooch through the archives and see if there’s anything you want to grab before everything goes pear-shaped. [ETA: Everything before October has gone the way of all flesh. Sorry!]

Upgrade … perhaps

This site is upgrading to WordPress 2.04 tonight; if all goes well, nothing should change.  If things go wrong … as they so often do … I’ll be in the forest, fighting some Rodents of Unusual Size.  Come and bail me out of the quicksand.

Get Lonely

I wrote a really long, really thoughtful post, and WordPress ate it. So you all are never gonna get the chance to read about why John Darnielle proves my theory about where contemporary American poetry went in the last 40 years. Big loss, eh? Go out and buy “Get Lonely.” You won’t regret it.

the Mountain Goats – Site | Label (4AD)

[This track has been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

the Mountain Goats – Wild Sage


For the edification of those people who are brave enough to comment — I have not figured out why, after you comment, you get sent to the sweetdarkness index page.  I am still working on figuring that out, by sifting through the wordpress FAQ.  It’s slow going.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Content! Maybe! Perhaps …

Well, we would have content here, except that Ezarchive is down right now. Perhaps, someday, there will be actual music in this space. Could it be?