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Weekly Roundup

My new year’s resolution is to care less about the Cult of Celebrity and more about people who don’t make the cover of “Entertainment Weekly” but are doing good things in the world. So I’m doing away with the celebrity quote of the week, but I’ll try to find a story about philanthropy, like this one: $9.5 million raised for the Morton Plant hospitals in Florida.

From Heart On A Stick, the Bloggregate of all 2006 year end lists. My #1 came in at Bloggregate #76 (so far; it looks like he is still entering names). My list also featured only three of the thirteen bands posited by the Catbirdseat’s cheat sheet, which definitely proves that what I’m with isn’t It, and what’s It seems weird and scary to me.

Marathonpacks’ 2006 year-end mixes, vol. 1-4. Yummeh.

From Shots Ring Out, a beautiful looking Top 50 videos of 2006.

New Year contrast podcast!

The Rich Girls Are Weeping linked to video of the Winterkids’s “Tape It.” Check out the collar on that kid. It’s the intersection of indie rock and the British army circa 1885! And the music isn’t terrible either.

Team9, mashup artists extraordinaire, have made Mysplice 06, which mashes up all of Stereogum’s favorite artists. Check out “Young Cats”: Peter, Bjorn, and John vs. the Cure.

YANP notes that Page France has a new EP.

Stererogum has a theme. If I had a theme, I too would rule the world. With evil robots.

So nice to see that C&T is back.

Uh … I’m recommending something at AOL … I believe hell has truly frozen over. Reader J.M. sent me a link to the Interface, which has lots of podcasts by indie folks. Cat Power, TVOTR, M Ward, Silversun Pickups, etc., etc. And the podcast has an mp3 version you can download. I’m all a-sea here.

Dec. 27th Yank Sizzler.

Lovely post from Matt at Earfarm, talking about how he acquired an import CD single of “Never Let Me Down Again.”

And last but certainly not least: Marvel video trailer for the NEW GUNSLINGER COMIC (I’m hyperventilating as I type this). NEW – GUNSLINGER – COMIC – !!!!!!!!

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Weekly Roundup

B-list metal band quote of the week:
“At first the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city . . . Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o’ mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die.”
–The Eagles of Death Metal statement released after EODM were kicked off the Guns & Roses tour. mtv news. Best press release ever!

Kind of a slow news week, what with Thanksgiving and Pam Anderson leaving her fourteenth trashy husband. But here’s what I scrounged up:

Via Cityrag — No wonder cocaine’s so expensive! What with the cost of gas being so high and all.

Mr. J. Darnielle is writing thirty poems about his favorite black metal band. He’s just got this great turn of phrase. Okay? I’m not obsessed. OKAY?

At Slate, “Die, Pitchfork, Die!” That’s German for “The Pitchfork, the.” (I guess now’s a good time to confess that I don’t read Pitchfork. I prefer to write my own dense, postmodern-lingo-speckled reviews.)

Apple + Apple = Gonna Take All Yr Money Sucka

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Daytrotter? Cause I love Daytrotter.

Last Week’s contrast podcast — musicians introducing their own songs.

This week’s contrast podcast — Chickens and other birds. Mmm…. birds.

At Binky the Doormat, a nifty video for Minilogue’s “The Hitchhiker’s Choice.” And you thought whiteboards were only good for college professors.

Via Gorilla vs. Bear, new video for Peter & the Wolf’s “Lightness.” The video perfectly captures that P&W ambience of dappled leaves on the afternoon ground … but what’s he drinking out of that paper bag? Snapple? o.O

At Absolutely Kosher records, you can stream the +/- album, “Let’s Build A Fire.”

And! At the Sahara Hotnights’ myspace, new songs! I {heart} the Hotnights.

Weekly Roundup

Celebrity quote of the week: “”I am going to take my outline to all of the writers and one by one get their ideas and feedback, and by the end of that, it’ll be kick-ass in a way only a ninja can kick ass.”
–Rainn Wilson, speaking of his new NINJA movie, “Bonzai Shadowhands.” You will all go see the movie! Dwight commands it! Reuters


Last time I was at Mezzanineowls.com, you could stream their whole album for free. I don’t know what I think of them yet, other than their name, which is awesome.

At Minty Fresh records (if you click on “stimuli”), you can download a free EP from the French band Prototypes. It rocks, I think … I can’t understand a word of it.


Math & Physics Club videos at skatterbrain. Very amusing — the lead looks like a rockstar version of my stepbrother! Hee hee.

At Jibjab, Weird Al video to “Do I Creep You Out”. I really think this is the most disturbing Weird Al song ever — when he starts singing about pit stains and underwear, I get awfully uncomfortable.


Stereogum announces there will be a New Air album, called “Pocket Symphony.” Wooty.

If you’re a big old nerd, you can go vote at the Plug awards. Although the “Album of the Year” doesn’t actually have any albums that I would consider. And on the electronic album of the year, where’s Karsh Kale? And on Music Website of the year, where’s Daytrotter? On Blog of the Year, where’s TRGAW? And not a mention of the Decemberists at all! People! Get with it!

Newsweek reviews the Zune. I’m a stick with my pink Mini, thank you very much.

Culturebully has a great article on bands that have ‘still got licks’.

The Sun reports on the biggest commercial ever. Now we just need a photo of a lawyer that we can see from space, and when the aliens come, they’ll know exactly what we’re about.

At Slate magazine, a great article about ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, which I used to watch religiously back in my younger days.

Slate also has a list of the US’s biggest charitable contributors; those enormous numbers being the biggest argument I can think of against taxing the rich (or any of us, for that matter).

And also also at Slate, a great discussion of hip-hop and sampling, and a corporation making a lot of money off of something they shouldn’t.

Theonering.net reports that Wingnut Films and New Line have broken up!! Who will get custody of their baby, a little guy we like to call “The Hobbit”? This can only end in tears.

At IGN, a list of 007’s top 10 gadgets. I hate James Bond, but his gadgets are nifty.

And at CNN, FOX salvages what’s left of its conscience and pulls OJ’s murder special. Cue the angelic choir.

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Weekly Roundup

I forgo the celebrity quote of the week to bring you, instead, five recent pop-culture items that I just can’t get on board with. What’s wrong with me, you ask? No no, gentle reader: what’s wrong with you?

1. Borat. At first I thought it was cool that a Jew was making Jewish jokes and thumbing his nose at his oppressors, but then I realized that he’s just continuing the long and glorious tradition of dehumanizing a group of foreign people in order to make the rest of us feel better. My in-laws lived in Kazakhstan for three years and I never heard a bad thing said about the people there (I did hear some jokes about fermented camel’s milk, but all in good fun). To each their own style of humor, but I can’t find this persona in the least amusing.

2. Britney’s sex tape. Dude, sex tapes were so two years ago. I’d so watch a Britney chess tape though. Would she checkmate K-Fed in six moves? The mind boggles.

3. Gwen Stefani’s new video. Gwen, you broke my heart so many years ago, but now you’re just stomping on it because you can. I don’t mean the sampling of “The Lonely Goatherd,” though let’s face it, you look awful in a wimple — I mean the idiocy to which you’ve descended. Don’t you realize that people are making Fergie jokes — and why? Because you sound just like Fergie. And Gwen, sweetie, the world can only tolerate one Fergie (if it has to). You used to be so cool, Gwen. What happened to you?

4. The startling takeover of Food Network by Paula Deen. Look, lady, I liked to watch your show, okay? But then you started a new show, and I can’t turn on my TV without seeing you. And now your sons have their own show? Can they cook? No. All they can do is ride around in their stupid car … oh, and talk. Talk, talk, talk. Like you do on your new show. Food Network doesn’t need more talking! You’re not another Emeril! One Emeril is too many!

5. The Simpsons movie. The Simpsons have jumped the shark so many times that they’re probably in the Guinness Book. They had eight great seasons and went downhill from there, and now the show is so bad it hurts. I physically cannot watch it now because it’s a sick, sad, pathetic shadow of its former glory. And yet, Groening and co. are content with running it into the ground, pulling depressing plots out of a ratty old hat. I can’t imagine going to see a movie and watching them caper halfwittedly around for two hours … I’d come out crying like it was a showing of Steel Magnolias. Not going, uh uh, no way.

And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast of videos and such:

Hot Chip’s “Playboy” came up on my ipod the other day and I had no idea what it was, but it’s a great song :D

Via Stereogum, The Rapture – “Whoo! Alright – Yeah … Uh Huh.” Remember the part in “UHF” where George goes into the TV and jams with Mark Knopfler? Yeah. It’s like that.

At Slate, “Who was the best rock band of the 80s?” Why, the Cure, of course.

At Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good, Pictures of the Decemberists show in Chicago. Nice photos! That’s how the show looked in LA, right down to the suit coat that Colin’s wearing.

Gimme Tinnitus brings back my high school days with a bang and a “POW! He was decapitated! They found his head over by the sno-cone concession!”

Said the Gramophone has John Samson of the Weakerthans write a beautiful article on William Styron, Brahms, and Goethe.

New contrast podcast at timyoung.net! “Album openers,” is the title. Should be good stuff.

And … lots of good music to sift through at the WOXY lounge acts page.

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Bandwidthy things are going along — October’s files are almost all replaced. Anything before that, I’m sorry to say, has become a casualty of my laziness. So let’s see what we have this week.

Celebrity Quote of the Week:
[Newsweek] Do you get upset when you see all these skinny young actresses [in Los Angeles]?

[Thompson] I can’t bear it. When I come to L.A. next week I’m planning to wear very tight dresses that emphasize my behind enormously and sashay around, wiggling my large bottom, saying, “This is normal and what it should be like.”
–Emma Thompson in Newsweek online. Oh yeah? Try living here. Just going to the grocery store is an exercise in self-hatred.

Good Charlotte video for “Keep Ya Hands Off My Girl” — newsflash, dude. No one WANTS your girl. PS, Cake called, and they want their song format back. Losers.

Paul Simon video for “Outrageous”. He’s got a Nikon camera, he loves to take photographs, so momma, don’t take his Kodachrome away.

At the New York Post, they report on Scott Stereogum’s good fortune. Congrats, Scott! Next it’ll be hookers and penthouses and Cristal, or you’ve learned nothing from MTV.

The DIY Rockstar gives tips on how to dress emo. Like they need more encouragement! Heh.

At Asthmatic Kitty, you can preview Sufjan’s Christmas albums. If you want to. And I’m not saying you want to get in the Christmas spirit just yet.

If John Mayer doesn’t quit with this blues guitar business, I’m going to start liking him … and that will mean Hell has frozen over, and we’re all going to turn into icicles. C’mon John Mayer! Won’t you please think of the children??

Slate magazine article “Borat Owes Me $97”. I think Borat is sheer idiocy, but I’m such a sucker for cultural criticism.

If you’re missing the days when you kicked butt in Streetfighter, you can try American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu.

And finally, just to toot my own horn, Bon Ton made the Philly Inquirer. Hee! It reminds me of the days when I was going to work on a newspaper … yeah. Before I realized exactly how pushy you have to be to be a reporter.

[eta: New Contrast Podcast! Can’t leave that out. Also breaking news as Brit-Brit finally dumps her trailer trash husband. Next on the list: NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE. For the love of Pete, woman.]

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Weekly Roundup

Celebrity Quote of the Week: “While I have as much fun as anyone else reading and quoting them, let’s face it, most ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ describe someone with supernatural, superhuman powers. They’re describing a superman character. And in the history of this planet, there has only been one real Superman. It’s not me.”
— Chuck Norris in his new column. He’s just trying to get you to come closer so he can kick you in the face.

We are sorry to say goodbye to Rbally and Clever Titles Are So Last Summer. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

New contrast podcast highlights the one song you love by the band you hate. Matt from Earfarm, I’m ashamed of you, but thanks for sending in “Cherub Rock”! It sent me back in time to 1993, when I used to listen to “Siamese Dream” over and over on the bus ride to school.

In Slate Magazine, Sam Anderson ponders the cultural relevance of Weird Al Yankovic.

Rococo records is releasing a 7″ vinyl of Casiotone For the Painfully Alone’s cover of “Graceland.” I would give my right arm to hear it, but alas, I am vinyl-retarded.

At Moistworks, a couple posts on Turkish music.

In Harp magazine, you can read about the origins of some of the songs on the Crane Wife. Those crazy Leningradians! What will they do next?

It requires a plugin I don’t have, and there’s no way in hell I’ll download a plugin from AOL, but here is a place you can stream Damien Rice’s new album for freeski.

At the Aquarium Drunkard, Blonde on Blonde Dylan outtakes. Useful for something, one would imagine.

Via Stereogum, video for the new Cansei De Ser Sexy song. It’s their best yet — i.e., it’s actually listenable — but the video begs the question: “what are YOU looking at, freaky cat?”

And via Who Killed the Mixtape, the video for the Black Keys’s “Your Touch.” Whatever I was expecting, it was not some lady puking up an egg. Seriously, what is these guys’ fascination with eggs?

Video from Jibjab.com: Shawshank In One Minute and also in rap form (not safe for work).

And lastly, from Slate again, The Devil Is In the Retailers — unexpectedly funny. If you, uh, have a sense of humor like mine.

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Weekly Roundup

Non-celebrity quote of the week: “[Legal settlements] put some money back into the war chest to try to clean up the online world. . . . Legal offerings will only thrive and open in different countries if there is a chance of them succeeding.” — John Kennedy, CE of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. [source]

That’s not the Federation of the Pornographic industry, people. This is a guy talking about the 18,000 suits filed in Brazil, Mexico, Poland, and 14 other countries, against people who are sharing mp3 files (one assumes that the IFPI is the RIAA’s fellow lawsuit machine). And even though he’s using the same rhetoric as the War On Drugs, he’s actually talking about bytes of data being transferred from one computer to another! Yes! This is your brain on mp3s! Any questions? Listen to Nancy Reagan, kids, and just say no to music.

In other lawsuit news, via Idolator we learn of suits filed against video-sharing sites Bolt and Grouper. Just when videos were getting fun again. And is it a coincidence that Universal Music Group is Ryan Adams’s label? No, it is not. They’re trying to ruin everything.

Yesterday as I was getting my latest fix of girl detectives and feisty Yale news reporters, I noticed it was a banner day for the CW channel’s Indie Cred. On Gilmore Girls, Rory’s boyfriend’s stereo was playing “The Perfect Crime 2” (Rory is totally a Decemberists fan) and on Veronica Mars, Logan and Veronica shared a tender moment to the strains of Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity.” It would bring a tear to my eye, if I weren’t so far out of the demographic.

At Popcandy, Whitney Matheson wanted to know, what would you buy with $1.65 billion? My favorite answer: 600 million pounds of Velveeta.

Also via Popcandy, I found the Population Clock, which tells you how many people are being born that will one day run over your lawn with their bikes and throw eggs at your house on major holidays.

I forget where I found this, but it’s funny: you can pimp your own Stewie .

Also, M&Ms now have flavors. I don’t know if that’s disgusting or delicious. Someone send me some, so I can try ’em.

Sort of amusing: Rolling Stone’s Halloween Gallery. Someone tell that Evanescence chick that shopping at Hot Topic isn’t cool anymore.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, little African babies are the new tiny dogs. Only you can’t put them in your purse. I’m serious! You can’t.

The new Contrast Podcast looks over bloggers’ favorite songs of 2006.

New video for Beck’s Cell Phone’s Dead. Will the funk never cease?


Weekly Roundup

Celebrity Quote of the Week: “Johnny [Depp] is all I dreamed of. No one could love the way we love. He’s a beautiful person so obviously he’s a beautiful dad.”
–Vanessa Paradis (source) Yeah, I totally know what you mean. He’s all I dream of, too. (Groans from the audience.)

In tech news, a wowie zowie article from CNN confirms that Google is buying Youtube for 1.65 BILLION. This calls for some badly-synched-together graphic:

At Ew.com, Movies Everyone Liked But You. If I made such a list, it would be every single movie with an ex-SNL alumnus in it (with possible exception for “Blues Brothers,” “Wayne’s World,” and “the Wedding Singer”). I guess my love of broad physical comedy was stunted in the womb.

Puddlegum informs us that there will be a new Innocence Mission album in 2007!! *air guitar*

At Pajiba, one of the best movie reviews I have ever read, in which Dustin Rowles doesn’t just tear “Employee of the Month” to pieces — he eviscerates it, leaving it staring in surprise (“wha??”) as its guts slide in a steaming heap to the theater floor. I salute you, Mr. Rowles! That there was some sweet writin’.

Via Best Week Ever, an interview with Don LaFontaine, the man who singlehandedly reinvented the movie trailer. I actually just read an account of his life in Chris Ballard’s book “The Butterfly Hunter,” and it’s really fascinating. He invented all of the trailer cliches, like my favorite, “In a world where ….”

In a world where careless sarcasm can be boiled down and made into teeny little blurbs, eagle-eyed Chad from Everybody Cares noticed that Bon Ton was mentioned in Rolling Stone‘s article “First Hype, Then Kill” (which you can see in its purple-striped glory courtesy of Scott Stereogum). It is true; though the phrase they used was actually in critique of the indie scene, I did say that “I’d barely classify [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s] sound as ‘music’ in the first place.” I stand by that remark.

Good Weather For Airstrikes has the Decemberists B-side “After the Bombs.”

A video for Emily Haines’s “Doctor Blind” (see, what would we dowithout Youtube? Was there life before Youtube?)

Via Skatterbrain, Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers. Watch it! It’s percussion with household appliances!

Annnnd…. video for Madonna’s latest enterprise, entitled “Jump.” At least, it’s new to me, since I don’t watch that “music television” anymore. It’s my considered opinion (take note, Rolling Stone!) that the more Madonna tries to look younger, the older and more desperate she really looks.


Weekly Roundup

First of all, let me take a second to plug Akismet. If you’re running your own blog — on WordPress or not — then you’re probably getting comment spam out the wazoo. I know I get more spam than comments (sadly) and Akismet stops them before they’re posted. I never have to do anything but delete them out of the queue. Akismet is the roxor! Seriously, just go get it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Celebrity quote of the week: “He should feel grateful that’s he’s [been] given the gift to write pop songs – which he needs to write again!” — Brandon Flowers, speaking of Thom Yorke.

Seriously, can this guy just shut up? He’s giving people with a mustache a bad name. Mr. Flowers, are you actually trying to put Thom Yorke in a class with your pappy, banal, status-quo, MTV-video-loving music? I remember the first time I heard “The Bends” — it felt like the top of my head was coming off. I don’t recall feeling the same about “somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend,” etc., etc. Thom Yorke’s crazy, and some of his stuff sounds like 12,000 keys jingling at the same time, but you, sir, are deluded. Like we used to say in sixth grade: “Silence, fool!” (source: The Observer)


Along with Idolator, let us bow our heads and mourn the death of PoPoZao.

You can still stream the Decemberists’ “Yankee Bayonet” here. It’s freaking AWESOME. !!!!!! If you’re lucky enough to live in the Portland area, don’t forget to do what you have to do (no jury would convict you) to get into Colin Meloy’s living room concert.

Via Earfarm, you can download a copy of the Mountain Goats in Mount Pleasant, SC on Oct 19, 2004.


Via Indie Don’t Dance, the video for Bjork’s “Bachelorette”. If you’ve ever wondered how to film a Bjork song, well, this is how to do it.

Fun times with Drug PSAs over at Cracked.

And, via Squirrel Food, we learn about the beautiful Sony Bravia ads.


At Blender, you can read their take on the 50 Worst Things Ever To Happen To Music. At #22: “Lists That Reduce Rock History to a Series of Glib Soundbites.” Uh huh.

Rbally is auctioning off an iPod to help pay the medical bills of Rogue Wave’s guitarist. The auction ends in 4 days and you can still get a relatively cheap bid in. Won’t somebody please think of the children??!

Zoilus’s article on the Mountain Goats show is making the rounds. It’s really beautifully written, and it nails why I am now John Darnielle’s slave for life — MG is for words people. Nuff said.

Damien Rice news and mp3s from his forthcoming album “9.” I wonder if he’ll ever get to “1.”

John Mayer is a horrible singer, but “John Mayer Has A TV Show” was one of the funniest half hours ever. Now I’ve found John Mayer’s blog, and, as expected, it’s funny. I can’t believe I just typed “John Mayer” four times in three lines of text.

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Weekly Roundup

D-list celebrity quote of the week: “On the Hollywood list of people I pray for often, Tom Cruise is probably No. 1. All I have to say to Tom is, God bless ya, I hope you’re having fun. But I’d love through Radar magazine to throw a gauntlet down to Mr. Cruise. I’d love to break bread with him and pray with him, and I’d love for the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the truth to him. That would be an awesome thing.”

–Alec Baldwin, born-again Christian, in an interview with Radar Online. I guess Mr. Baldwin hasn’t gotten to the part in the bible about “he who is without sin, etc., etc.”

Avast, mateys, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So hoist the mizzenmast and uh … swing from the yardarm and drop anchor in the cove! (There’s a reason I’m not a sailor.)

New Contrast Podcast, with much handclapping. My contribution to that would have been much too pedestrian — “The First Single,” by the Format. Because clapping always makes me happy. Go listen!

Via Stereogum and a thousand other places, we are happy to report that Whitney Houston is kicking Bobby Brown to the curb. That’s been a long, long time coming. Now get it together and sing some music, girl!

Drowned in Sound interviews the Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club. Explanation of redundant band name given.

Via bjork.com, if you’re heading to Reyjkavik anytime soon, you could catch the one and only Sugarcubes concert in 14 years. Those darn Icelandics get all the fun.

Via Rbally, Live REM, Oct 2, 1985, in Bochum, Germany.

Via Stereogum once again, video for Weird Al’s song ‘White and Nerdy’. My husband swears that it’s Donny Osmond doing the background dancing in this video, and I don’t know about that, but I’ll say it again: I love me some Weird Al. ROTFLOL (even though no one really says that anymore — I think the current term is “lollerskates.”)

And last but not least — remember the Beachles? I downloaded a song but didn’t like it all that much … but I did recommend you all to go see what you thought. Well, the guy was slapped with a $30 million C&D, and a demand by EMI records to release the IPs of everyone who dowloaded the songs. Rest easy — he says his ISP only keeps IP addresses for 3 days — but also, feel uncomfortable, as this sort of thing hits close to home. I’d love to say I’ll be boycotting EMI, but unfortunately those damn Decemberists signed to Capitol, so I’d be a huge hypocrite. However — I certainly will not be buying anything else. Today on International Pirate Day, I write the following letter to EMI records.

Dear EMI Records:

You just don’t get it, do you.


Someone who was going to buy the fuzzy-box of “Pet Sounds” for her dad for Christmas, but you know what, I’d rather burn a bunch of mash-ups for him than spend one red cent to help pay for your “legal” department.

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Weekly Roundup

Slow week this week. Ah well!

Celebrity related quote of the week: “‘The United States first destroyed our great country, the Soviet Union, then they destroyed our economy and now they are sending this horrible young woman to destroy our souls,’ said Myasoyedova, interviewed during a recent rally of about 100 demonstrators organized by the Orthodox Standard Bearers Union, a group combining religion and nationalism.” –David Holley, LA Times

What young woman is this candid Russian speaking of? Why, Madonna, of course. Even though Madonna hasn’t seen “young” since the other side of the 90s. Mr. Myasoyedova, it could be worse than Madonna. I promise. For instance, they could be sending Clay Aiken. At least Madonna does her own songs.

The Catbirdseat’s cheat sheet for the best new albums of 2006. Indie darlings all round! Looky there at Swan Lake, riding the wave of its hype like a demented surfer, probably one that’s wearing a polo shirt and pegged jeans and a fleece wristband.

Flagpole reviews the new REM retrospective disc/dvd. So what’re your favorite REM albums? My top five are 1) Document; 2) Automatic For the People; 3) Green; 4) Out of Time; and 5) Monster.

EW profiles their 50 best high school movies, but they totally left off my top two. My top five would have gone, 1) Better Off Dead; 2) Pump Up the Volume; 3) Heathers; 4) Sixteen Candles; and 5) 10 Things I Hate About You or Clueless. Why yes, I’m just a big old cynical softie, why do you ask?

Via BrianPalmer, How to make a Zach Braff movie in 10 steps. Ahaha. Poor Zach Braff. Make one indie-lovers movie and you’re worshipped, but make two, and you’re pilloried. Welcome to the fickle world of indiedom.

At I Am Fuel, some old, lost Bob Dylan recordings. I don’t know where Heather gets this stuff, but she just out-awesomes herself every week.

At Rewriteable Content, a back to school love song mix. Ew, school.

The Rawking Refuses To Stop! talks about the Ryan Adams / Neko Case / Willie Nelson show at the Hollywood Bowl. I sure would have loved to see Ryan & Neko, if the venue were smaller and I had the energy to fight traffic out to the Bowl.

Useful Thing of the Year: the HYMN project introduces MyFairTunes 6, which will unencode your iTunes-purchased music so that it can be converted to mp3. I can’t vouch for it completely, because when I gave it a try it worked for “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” but not for “Burn.” *shrug* Who knows.

Via Neil Gaiman and Billboard, I learn of a 43-song CD of sea chanties sung by contemporary artists. Yay! I love sea chanties, even though I can’t even go out in a boat without barfing over the side. Heh.

And last but not least, New Contrast Podcast – entrance music for a film.

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Weekly Roundup


Semi-Celebrity quote of the week: “[John Mayer & Jessica Simpson’s] relationship, while bona fide, was hardly one for the ages. It is, a Mayer pal tells Us Weekly, ‘a “2” her camp spun into an “11.”‘ In fact, a Mayer friend tells Us, the musician has lost a lot of respect for his brief fling and ‘now he will stay away from her. He thinks it’s desperate. An attempt for her to stay in the spotlight.'” (perezhilton.com)

Aw, darn! I saw that Mayer was dating Simpson, and I thought it was a big score for all the folk-singing losers in the world. If John Mayer can score Jessica Simpson, I thought, there’s hope for the rest of you lamesauce, guitar-strumming, your-body-is-a-wonderland-wailing, pathetic dorkwads. But alas … there is no hope. Sorry.

For all my Utah based readers, a lovely piece from the Utah Amicus, wherein Senator Bob Bennett accuses Democrats of being “anti-Mormon.” Dude, you aren’t seriously tossing that old chestnut around, are you? My favorite part is where he talks about how Mitt Romney is totally going to be President someday. I think he’s hoping to get an appointment as Romney’s personal Toadying Sycophant.


Video for Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe In Anything.” Because dueling with cannons never goes out of style.

Video for Bob Dylan’s “When the Deal Goes Down.” I still say the new Bob Dylan sounds like they killed Bob Dylan, resurrected his zombie, and made him sing — but Scarlett Johanssen in this video is the most beautiful nostalgic embodiment of summer womanhood. Or something.

Video for Thom Yorke’s “Harrowdown Hill”. Because Thom Yorke never goes out of style.

And … video for Tapes N Tapes’s “Cowbell”. I can’t decide whether I like it, but it certainly isn’t terrible.


Via Rewriteable Content, a list of free shows going on this month in LA. It’s free!!!

Via Status Ain’t Hood, the first nice things I’ve seen written about Justin Timberlake’s new album.

Via YANP, it seems Sufjan Stevens is obsessed with Christmas. You know, I still haven’t found a song written by him that I’ve liked, and if you add in my virtual hatred of Christmas music, it just ain’t boding well for Mr. Stevens and I to strike up a relationship. Oh well.

Via the Guardian, the Mercury award for Britain’s most creative band goes to the Arctic Monkeys. So … whatever people say about them, that’s what they’re not? Well, guys, I think you’re spectacular.


Most people will have seen this already, but others will want to check out the Beachles — a track-for-track mashup of Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Aw, come on, someone was bound to do it eventually.

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Weekly Roundup

Via Mollygood, Ashlee Simpson is starting rehearsals to star in “Chicago” as Roxy Hart. Which leads into our Celebrity Quote of the Week: “Ashlee’s a dancer; her background is in dance. . . . She wants to do live theater. This will put all of those critics to rest. She’s always wanted to be on stage, but she got diverted when she started selling so many albums.” — Star Magazine.

You know that Far Side cartoon, where it’s set in Hell’s video store, and all you can rent are copies of “Ishtar”? Next year, Hell will be changing its video collection to DVDs of Ashlee Simpson performing in “Chicago.”

New contrast podcast all about the poolside music. Check it out and imagine that you’re sunning yourself.

Via Best Week Ever: Awesome car dancing video!!!

At I am Fuel, You Are Friends, Heather has put up a fantastic bunch of songs you missed when you didn’t sign up for the Sub Pop singles club. Nirvana, Mudhoney, Mountain Goats, Iron & Wine, etc., etc. Go there, you won’t regret it.

Said the Gramophone, once again, waxing terribly poetic.

via 2 1/2 Pounds of Bacon, news of a makeout party in Central Park. NCMO! (that’s Non Committal Makeout to you).

Via Drowned In Sound Radiohead to possibly release Bonnaroo DVD.

Stereogum is having a contest that gives away 2 tickets to the Virgin Festival in Baltimore on 9/23.

Good times in Colorado. Just don’t forget to salute the flag so no one will think you’re un-American! Cause there’s commies everywhere! Commies I tell you! They’re in it with the aliens! They’re building landing strips for commie Martians!

At Mars Needs Guitars, an acronym mix! Just the kind of nerdy mix I like.

And, at Mocking Music, a geektastic mix of Galactic Empire music. Also nifty!

Celebrity Quote of the Day: “Of her album, she says, ‘I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it’s so good.'”

–Paris Hilton, speaking of her new album “Paris.” You should cry, Paris. We all are.
(Source: USA Today)

The Rawking Refuses To Stop makes some excellent points about indie music in the Downloadable Age (I feel like that ought to be a Stephenson novel).

Funniest Culture Bully post ever + new Jet song you can say you liked before it got all trendy. Just kidding! It’s already trendy.

Beirut, interviewed by Pitchfork.

New Beyonce video for “Ring the Alarm,”
, and then some spot-on analysis of it by Status Ain’t Hood. “Ring the Alarm” reminds me of that weird Gwen Stefani cover video where they’re coming to lock her up. Whatevs.

Blogs Are For Dogs puts up mp3s for ALL of Pitchfork’s “200 greatest songs of the 1960s.” Give ’em love! That’s a lot of work. (Sadly, the files are on Sendspace, so you might get a lot of “Download Slots Not Available” type messages.)

Via Stereogum, New Beck video. Totally funkalicious. [Video no longer available, sorry to say.]

Via I am Fuel, good news about a new Ryan Adams / Willie Nelson album. Hopefully Mr. Nelson will keep Mr. Adams’s natural tendencies towards purple prose in check.

A million little ticky links to get out there:


At Mars Needs Guitars, U2 Live Madison Sq. Garden, Oct 25, 2001:

Part One

Part Two

At Rbally, REM at at the National Bowl July 30, 1995

Part One

Part Two

At Kwaya Na Kisser, The Arcade Fire live at Vegoose last year


vide for Band of Horses’ “The Funeral”

video for Mountain Goats’ “Woke Up New”


Via Best Week Ever, How the Nazis Gave Us Disco, a look at the role of the DJ during WWII.

Via Filmcritic.com, Top 50 Movie Endings. Spoilers, obviously :D

Via People magazine, we learn that Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson are breaking up. Gwyneth and Gwen better look out.

Vegoose 2006 has announced its lineup. Looks like good stuff.


On Myspace, you can preview tracks for the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, which is oh so indier than you.

Via Goodhodgkins, a new album from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I have not heard this band personally, but they are indie darlings. And it’s good to know that someone still loves Boris Yeltsin.

Mountain Goats have some new fall tour dates.

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My new Bishop Allen disc (June) arrived. The EP-a-month idea seems to be falling a leetle behind, but that’s all right. Keep working, guys! I love ya! The June EP is beautifully decorated; I just love the cover art. And the music is the same Bishop Alleny goodness.

Bishop Allen – Number 39

Buy the EPs digitally for only $4 apiece!

((sm))all ages shares some songs from “My Neighbor Totoro.” SO CUTE!!! I love Totoro. It’s the perfect movie for little kids, because nothing really scary happens. Everything is magical and sweet, and the scenery is really lovely beyond expression. Every time I see a Miyazaki movie, I want to jump in it and live there.

At the Late Greats, a list of songs that got the author through high school. Maybe you agree? From his profile, we are about the same age, but I didn’t listen to any of that stuff (except the Cure & Depeche Mode). Hm, this would be a fun topic to write about.

New Contrast Podcast up, with everyone who contributes having to sing their intro. Oy, scary. I don’t sing very well, just ask the inside of my car. It probably hates me. (ETA: I lied. The very newest one is songs about War and Peace. But now you can have War, Peace, and Bloggers Singing In Your Ear. Good times.)

Well, I heard the new Killers song, and … it was boring. Yep. So boring I’m not even gonna link to it. Go find it yourself! Sheesh.

Pop Culture

I salute Stereogum for keeping up with the Federlines for me! I mean, it’s kind of like cleaning bathrooms out — someone has to, but I’d rather not do it myself.

Dang it, I wanted to buy myself some Michael Stipe bacteria, but they’re all sold out.


I encourage everyone to visit Said the Gramophone, as it is fabulously poetic this week. Down at the bottom is a post called Curl Up With Guitars which I loved. I hope Sean doesn’t mind my posting a bit of the conversation that he had with Helvetia’s “Gladness”:

Helvetia – “Gladness”: We can take you where you’re going.
Me: Even though your boat is full of holes?
Helvetia – “Gladness”: Even though.

Sometimes I can’t follow Sean where he’s going, but this week I just could, and I liked walking his crazy, word-filled road.

From Each Note Secure, Concert T-shirt etiquette, which I have been trying to explain to people for YEARS. I violated #6 when I saw the New Ams once, but only because it was like 15 degrees out and I was frozen. SO THERE.

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We now return this site to its regularly scheduled program! And boy oh boy, you leave for two weeks and a million things happen. Lance Bass is gay, people!!! (Ok, ok, that’s old news). Pam and Kid Rock got married!!! (Even white trash might hesitate to claim those people). And there was some other stuff, possibly related to the world of indie music! So here’s my catchup post, part one.


Via Best Week Ever, OK Go’s video for “Here It Goes Again,” a fabulous video for a basically forgettable song. HOWEVER! As someone who has tried to jump on a moving treadmill and almost smashed her face against the control panel, I know this treadmill-dancing stuff is not as easy as it looks. If they featured this sort of thing on “So You Think You Can Dance,” I wouldn’t barf up my guts every time my mother-in-law turned it on.

Of course I have to go on vacation right when the new Justin Timberlake video comes out for “SexyBack” (or as the video has it, “Sexy Back,” which makes more sense, but hey). Justin, looking his usual inscrutably troubled self, getting it on with a hot girl and balancing a glass of whiskey caaarrreefulllyyy on a door handle. Right on! (He could have used the trick from “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” but that involved a hair across a refrigerator door, and as we can all see, he doesn’t have enough hair.) Via Stereogum.

Surfing around on Jagjaguwar records, I found a video for Okkervil River’s “For Real.” The monster crying flames is my favorite part. (Download “For Real” at Jagjaguar.)


If you like being Indier Than Thou, you’ll hit the holy grail with new band (collaboration? side project?) Swan Lake. It’s made up of Canadian sweethearts Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown), and Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers). These name-droppable folks will be releasing their debut album, “Beast Moans,” on Nov. 21st. Preview with “All Fires” at Mocking Music.

New Live Flogging Molly album is out! And someday I am going to SEE them live, no matter how many drunken people bump into me and scream into my ear during the set.

Via I Am Fuel, we learn of Ryan Adams streaming a new song on his site. It’s called “France.” The new song, not his site. But I haven’t listened to it yet, because my desktop is literally full to the gills with music.

Via Mars Needs Guitars:
U2 Live in London, 1982
and U2 Live at the Ritz, March 17, 1982
Part One
Part Two


Good Hodgkins presents the Pitchfork Music Festival in a neat little package, including lovely photos of our favorite indie folks (i.e. Band of Horses, Tapes N Tapes, Mountain Goats, Destroyer, etc., etc.)

Lollapalooza photos at My Old Kentucky Blog and Muzzle of Bees


I’m surfing for a ringtone (and I can’t find one I like … where are all the Decemberists ringtones? I’d totally pay for a horrible high-octave keyboard remix of “engine driver,” man) and I’m seeing a weird trend in top-40 rock recently. Between Staind, Mudvayne, and Trapt, I’m kind of disturbed (get it? disturbed? Ha ha). Do they all meet at the Krispy Kreme? Do they drink lite beer? Do they prefer krab? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SPELLING THINGS RIGHT? IN MY DAY, WE SPELLED OUR ROCK BANDS RIGHT DAMMIT.

via Binky the Doormat, I learn about a new TMNT movie coming next summer. !!!!!! Donatello!!! I love you! I wish we could run off to Jamaica and have half-turtle babies together. Except, you know, you’re a teenager, and The Man would just suppress our love. I guess it doesn’t count that you’ve been a teenager for like, 15 years? Sigh.

Awesome fashion blog that I started reading somewhere: The Sartorialist. Includes the Dress Sock Theory (i.e., that the British always wear maroon dress socks, no matter what color their suit is. Heh).

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Cindy Hotpoint of The Rich Girls Are Weeping posts an interesting counterpoint to the New York Times’s apparent assertion that alt-country is dead. Cindy (and I) would like our combined readership (hers — likely thousands. Mine? 2 or 3) to know that these blanket assertions are all very well, but come on, alt-country is just a label slapped haphazardly on to a bunch of bands that probably didn’t know what hit them. Like I said a few posts ago, it’s just a classification.

At any rate, I contest strongly the idea that ‘alt-country’ is dead. I can list at least five bands I would classify as alt-country, all making records currently, all still together, and not all on Lost Highway records. Oh, you doubt me? Gasp! All right. Besides the ones Ms. Hotpoint listed in her post, there’re the Old 97s (or Rhett Miller, if you prefer), the Roy Owens Jr., the Deadstring Brothers, Ill Lit, and Two Gallants. Haley Bonar … Redbird … Golden Smog (yeah yeah, they’re just a side project) … The Rev Payton’s Big Damn Band … Jesse Malin … Rocky Votolato … Leaving TX … etc., etc., etc.

And the classifications begin to blur anyway. Maybe Redbird and Rocky are more folk, and maybe Rev Payton is more blues. Also, while I respect the NY Times, I would not have classified Neko Case as alt-country (subject matter too esoteric). But hey, that’s just me. Y’all slap the label on wherever you feel like it. I’m just sayin’.

Soooo…..which New Kid was your favorite? Over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, I was pleased to read that Heather’s favorite was Jordan. Cause in ninth grade, he was my favorite too, and my friend Emily taped their album for me, and I decorated the inside of my pink Trapper Keeper with a big giant “NKOTB.” Yeah, so what? Like none of you have a sordid musical past.

According to Great Body of Water, the Sufjan Stevens concert here at the Wiltern sold out in like, fifteen minutes. So all of you latecomers are just s.o.l. Curl up around your indie-blog-critically-acclaimed versions of “Illinoise” and cry. (Yours truly did not purchase a ticket, as she is still mighty ambivalent about Mr. Stevens.)

Via Largehearted Boy, Stylus Magazine is unveiling their top 100 music videos of all time. Please go forth and remember the days when MTV, like, you know … played videos. My sister and I used to be glued to MTV, and my favorite video was Peter Gabriel’s “Digging In the Dirt,” followed closely by Annie Lennox’s “Lovesong For A Vampire,” followed by the Cure’s “Catch.” Will they measure up? Stylus is releasing their countdown 20 at a time (they are up to 21), so check back.

MTV.com has bad news for all y’all YouTube lovers (including, of course, all the videos featured in Stylus’s article) — YouTube has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. It’s unsurprising — everytime I watch something on YouTube, I wonder to myself, “Why is this service even allowed to exist?” I love YouTube, but someone’s always got to ruin the fun, don’t they.

The Buzz

The Who are going on tour! Yes indeedy! Talkin’ bout my g-g-g-generation! They’ll be headed to the Hollywood Bowl on November 5. I wonder if I should buy tickets for my husband, who basically thinks music started and stopped when the Who did. Heh.

Semi-celebrity quote of the week: “There’s nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde – like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana – and right now, I’m that icon.”

-Paris Hilton (from the Times online). Survey says — Bzzzt! Dear Paris: Princess Diana had some things you’ll never have — class, concern for other people, and the adoration of an entire nation. Cheap skinny blondes are a dime a dozen. Just ask Tori Spelling.

Stereogum reports that Avril Lavigne tied the knot this weekend to Deryck Whibley, the lead singer of Sum 41. Oh yes! I can’t make this stuff up. Now if we were in the nineteenth century, she’d be all introducing herself as “Mrs. Whibley” and putting her hair up in a chignon. But it’s the 21st century, so they can both go back to making horrible pop records that make everyone want to puke into a convenient potted plant. Congrats!

Perez Hilton linked to the Chapin Sisters’ cover of “Toxic,” calling it even more bittersweet, now that Britney’s “fallen from grace.” Oh come on now, let’s not get too maudlin. I just saw that on Adult Swim, three hundred thousand people a night are watching “Peewee’s Playhouse.” If the public can forgive Paul Rubens, they can certainly forgive Britney (and, believe me, they will). She did what we all long to do in our hearts — gave up her fantastic, lucrative music career to marry an idiot, get pregnant, be criticized, be shadowed by photographers, and get pregnant again.

(I pity Britney, I really do. It’s one thing to be a music celebrity, and another to be a celebrity mommy. If I’d had to raise my first son in the eye of the paparazzi, I would have gone berserk. I never drove with my kids in the front seat, but I’ve made awful mistakes, believe me. Which I’m not telling you about! I don’t want to ruin my rep as a super mom.)

The Chapin Sisters Myspace , where you can hear “Toxic” and other lovely folky songs. (Their site is down, presumably because their bandwidth got sucked massively. Good times!)

Via Largehearted Boy, a nasty review of “The Eraser” by Josh DuLac of the Washington Post. “The feel-bad album of the year,” he calls it, and it’s no compliment. I’m no huge fan of Radiohead or Yorke, and I happen to only like the same track that DuLac likes (Harrowdown Hill), but there’s no call to be so snide. “If misery really does love company, then Thom Yorke never got the memo,” says DuLac, but he doesn’t seem to get that Yorke has company — his thousands of devoted fans. Tsk, tsk.

View Thom Yorke playing “The Clock” on Henry Rollins’s IFC show. (He will appear on this Saturday’s show)

July 11th was the release date of Sufjan Stevens’s album “The Avalanche.” I don’t know what to think of Stevens — on the one hand, his rendition of Christian hymns are flawless. On the other, I can’t get into his original stuff at all. I’m waiting for him to write a song about Janet Evanovich (ha ha). But you can decide for yourself — I’ve heard from several sources that “The Avalanche” is better than “Illinoise.”

Buy “The Avalanche” at Asthmatic Kitty records

Over at Contrast Podcast, the new ‘cast is a bunch of Beatles covers. Since I grew up singing with the Fab Four, I enjoyed it, and you might like it too. I’m not a podcast person, mostly because I can’t hold still that long, but c’mon, it’s the Beatles. If you don’t like the Beatles, well … you probably hate kittens too. But you can’t hate crazy German covers of “Get Back!” Just forward to minute 20 for a rilly rockin’ tune the way only the Germans can do it.

Good Hodgkins has analyzed the Blogosphere’s Top albums of 2006 so far. It’s very interesting. Of course, I already know what my favorite album of 2006 is, but it’s not out yet (though apparently it’s leaking — I’ve seen part of it going around. But I’m not gonna post any tracks! Because I want you to buy it! BUY ITTTTT)

It’s not possible for this blog to discuss its favorite albums of 2006. One, because I don’t listen to albums very much. Two, when I do, they are usually a few years old, because I’m out of the loop most of the time (i.e., favorite album of 2006 so far? The Sunset Tree). But boy, I must be the only person in the world who thinks Final Fantasy is utter pretentious crap. Oh well! I’ll stand here in the corner, a minority of one. I’m used to it.

From YANP: Oh No! Oh My! has new west coast tour dates. We will see them here at 8/24 (The Echo) and 8/25 (Spaceland).

The Buzz

John Legend has a new album coming out. Which I mention, because if I was FORCED to spend ten hours in a tiny room listening to one artist that’s been on VH1 in the past year, it would likely be him. He’s got a good (if moderately bland) sound.

Dashboard Confessional has a new album out (and they’re touring). Here, have a piece of glass. Pushi it right into your eye. There! Now you’ve had the same experience as listening to a Dashboard CD, and I saved you $18. Upgrade!

Bishop Allen is going on tour, but sadly going no further east than Chicago. Please imagine an artistic tear trickling its way down my face, a la the Environmental Indian. Their bass player is also leaving to form her own band … I hope they can replace Christian with someone of equally high caliber. If you’re out east and you want to catch a show, hop on over to Bishop Allen’s site.

When Gwen Stefani takes her baby out, she does it with a $790 Gucci baby sling. See, AJ? Even your Posh mom can’t top that. According to Save the Children, you could sponsor a child for about 2 years with the $790 that Ms. Stefani spent on her completely oblivious son. But hey, who’s counting?

The New Amsterdams have a video for their song “Turn Out the Light” (in Firefox, you can’t open this link in a new tab, or it won’t play). As a big fan of early New Ams, I’ll say I wasn’t so fond of Story Like A Scar, but I did like “Turn Out the Light,” and so I recommend the video. Other bonuses: the video is beautifully made, has some lovely peaceful scenery, and if you watch in just the right places, you can see Matt’s tattoo, the one on his right arm right under the shirtsleeve. Please excuse me while I go squeal in a corner.

The New Amsterdams: Site | Myspace | Label (Vagrant)

The New Amsterdams – Turn Out the Light

Italy won the World Cup. What a shame it had to be decided in penalty kicks, but all in all it was a great game played by two evenly matched teams. Now, yay! I don’t have to think about soccer for four more years. If only the Yankees would curl up and die, I wouldn’t have to hear about sports until … football season. Never mind.

Semi-celebrity quote of the week: “That was the most bizarre moment of this entire project — was standing on stage with Alice Cooper in Fargo, N.D., with a giant, red paper clip.”

Kyle MacDonald, former giant red paperclip owner. From ABC News, about a guy who (eventually) traded a paperclip for a house. Mysterious and intriguing!


What’s making the rounds on the blogosphere (click on the blog links to get more mp3s):

Matt at YANP introduced the Black Bears, who I wouldn’t have thought were my kind of thing, but I like them. They’ve got a lot of potential. The lyrics are expressive and smart, and anyone who can use that many semantic variants of “immediacy” has my vote.

The Black Bears: Myspace | Label (Baskerville Hill)

The Black Bears: I Believe In Immediacy

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends put up a whole bucketful of older Ray Lamontagne recordings. I’m definitely a fan of Mr. Lamontagne — he has a solid blues ethic, and we all know how much of a sucker I am for the blues. And he has a new album coming out – you can preview his new song on his site (and very gooey it is, too. You could definitely play this one as you smooched your significant other. Upgrade!).

Ray Lamontagne: Site | Label (RCA)

Ray Lamontagne – A Stone’s Throw From Lonesome

Cable & Tweed put up a couple songs by Telegram, along with a funny description: Ever wonder what it might sound like if Morphine, The Forty-Fives, and Chris Isaak had a jam session? OK, I bit at that hook, and it hurt real good. To me it sounds like Jet had a lovechild with Veal, but that’s just me. It’s good listening, especially “Sugar Sugar,” which is a pretty sexy song. Give it a listen.

Telegram: Site | Myspace

Telegram – Sugar Sugar

Heather of I Am Fuel, You Are Friends posted up a great recap of Pearl Jam’s Denver show, complete with video of PJ and Tom Petty. It’s good to see that a band I loved so much in high school is so well received. “Ten” was the only tape I played on my walkman that I never fast-forwarded through any songs. That’s right! I HAD A WALKMAN. You kids and your digital music.

Eddie Vedder – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (live)

Over at The Rich Girls Are Weeping, they linked to a video for the Gossip’s “Listen Up”. I don’t like The Gossip enough to write a whole post about them — the lead falls flat at times and the sound is a little amateur. But it’s a big, big sound, with funk in it, and jazz, and Motown. Plus, the video is great — Beth Ditto is the antithesis of those idiotic females who get mega MTV play because they are “beautiful,” (read: thin and fox-faced) but can’t sing a lick. If you like Aretha and hate Ashlee, this song is for you. And there’s cowbell and crochet. Can’t go wrong there.

The Gossip: Site | Myspace | Label (Kill Rock Stars)

The Gossip – Listen Up!

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The Buzz

News, news, news. I just received my May EP from Bishop Allen … they better get moving, or they’re gonna be doing December in the middle of 2007. I love my EPs, though, with their handwritten address on the back. I’m a patron of the arts for only $6 a month! So go forth and buy — it’s good music for cheap.

Bishop Allen: Site | Myspace

Bishop Allen – A Tiny Fold. Album: May. Self-released.

Celebrity quote of the week:”I hope I have sex with him for the rest of my life, because I like it!”
– Sandra Bullock, on her husband of one year, Jesse James, to Vanity Fair

Yep, that Jesse James, he’s named after an outlaw. And he’s tattooed. And he, you know, makes motorcyles on the Discovery Channel. And he went to Iraq to talk to soldiers … for the Discovery Channel. And now we learn he’s a demon in the sack. MORE THAN I EVER WANTED TO KNOW. We think it’s great that you have a bad boy husband, Sandra, but please, please, spare us.

Germany got beat out of the World Cup semifinals by Italy. Gosh, now they’ll have to find something else to drink about. And I have to find a new team to root for. Hmmmm…. I’m gonna root for Portugal! I mean, whyever not. I think Italy’s gonna take it this year, though. They took the Germans apart. As I type this, Portugal and France are doing their crazy thang. I’m expecting France to win, but that doesn’t mean I can’t root for Portugal! Heh.

And … in music related news, apparently Keith Richards is signing on to play Jack Sparrow’s father in the probable Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I don’t know what showcases Johnny Depp’s chutzpah most … assuming there will BE a Pirates 3, or assuming that Keith Richards will be able to deliver movie dialogue without having to be subtitled.