Stoll Vaughan

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Some days I think I ought to make the switch to country music and just get it over with. Who’m I kidding? Obviously not the folks at Lotos Nile, who saw right through my indie veneer and sent me a copy of Stoll Vaughan’s September release, “Love Like A Mule.” (Along with a press release! Very official. I know I should act all jaded, but dude, a free CD. Is really cool.)

Seems like the popular thing is to compare Vaughan to Ryan Adams, but since Ryan and I are on the outs, I shan’t. Let’s see, who can I bring to the table … Vaughan has a sweet turn of phrase like Jeffrey Foucault, and he has the same heartfelt passion as Rhett Miller. It’s good and solid, with blues and a bit of rock mixed in, made like a Ford by a guy in jeans and a sturdy pair of work boots. Call it Americana, if you don’t like the label “country.” Same difference.

Even though Vaughan does hit a lot of the country cliches, he also has some standout tracks like “Savior,” a slow-dancer with the refrain yeah, you’re your own savior now. A country song that tells you to help yourself? Shocking! He just throws in these little phrases, like in “Seen Moments” where he says, I’ve been broken to follow, so that’s what I do; the weary workhorse going where he’s told to. It’s good stuff. It’s comfort food — it won’t let you down. You all know what I’m talking about.

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[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Stoll Vaughan – Love Like A Mule
Stoll Vaughan – Savior
Stoll Vaughan – Seen Moments