Panda & Angel

I’m not good at comparisons. Sometimes Panda & Angel sounds a lot like Azure Ray, but then it turns around and doesn’t, so how valid is that comparison? Well, anyway, ignore the attempt, and know that if you give P&A a try, you’ll hear:

A fantastic alto lead (Carrie Murphy, of Touchdown Eagle … how do these people find time to have two bands?).

Well-crafted lyrics: “Ohio December 24th” starts out being about Christmas eve, but ends up not being about it at all (which of course, is the heart of poetry). And “Dangerous” is very listenable, with the simple (yet true) lyric, “It’s a dangerous place to be / wanting something you can’t have.”

A great rhythm section — not just drums. Claps, too, and guitar rhythm. And some kind of synthesizer thing in “Disco Song.” What is that? I love it! Yay!

P&A has an EP coming out that you can pre-order on the Jade Tree website. I recommend it! And since Ms. Murphy has two bands, you might even get a bonus out of checking out Touchdown Eagle (I keep wanting to write “Comfort Eagle.” Bad zara! Bad!)
Panda & Angel: Myspace | Label: Jade Tree
[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
Panda & Angel – Ohio December 24th
Panda & Angel – Dangerous
Panda & Angel – The Disco Song



  1. LeavingLiverpool’s avatar

    This is a very cool band. The lead singer pulls off what could be an annoyingly depressive style. Sounds cold and chic instead of flat and drab. Itunes has got put them up soon, ’cause I’m too impatient to wait. All their myspace site has up is “dangerous” which is my least favorite of the three you posted.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Your best bet is probably ordering it from the label. iTunes is pretty good, but I don’t think they pick up every indie thing that comes along. I didn’t see it on Emusic either.

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