William Elliott Whitmore

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Once again, Daytrotter is the win with their lengthily titled article on William Elliott Whitmore. You might imagine a skinny white boy from Iowa when you hear a name like that, and you’d be right. But if you heard the music without a name attached to it, you’d think of an old bluesman, voice torn from use, sitting on a porch in Alabama somewhere. And you’d be right too. Using a banjo, a bit of foot-tapping percussion, and himself, Whitmore sings the scratchy, mean gospel of the old South. It’s that simple. You can imagine this sound coming out of a radio that still used vacuum tubes. Baby, I’m in love.

William Elliott Whitmore – Site | Label (Southern)

[This track has been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

William Elliott Whitmore – Lee County Flood

(Get more at Daytrotter because they are the win!)


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    I love to hear you talk…especially when you make that little “aww Ron…” in a sad lingering voice :( I miss you :( :(
    and I don’t get to HEAR you near enough.

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