One of my favorite things to do is download a bucketload of songs from my 100+ rss subscriptions — I mean really just fill up my desktop. Then I just click on stuff randomly and discard what I don’t like, which is about half of it. And the rest … the rest! Via the fabulous Come Pick Me Up, which I am just a pale shadow of, I happened on Immoor, who is the nominal equivalent of Luce (they both use their last names as their bandnames. Immoor’s first name is, dissonantly, Casey). The album, released in November, is called “The Thievery Of Your Own Things.”

Immoor is dreamy rock combined with electronica, and it’s majorly danceable — so danceable, in fact, that a reviewer at Headphones Turned On offered readers $10 (Canadian) if they didn’t dance to it — heh. But the album doesn’t just rely on the beat and the swoopy ambient noise– Immoor’s lyrics are really smart, which is such a plus with electronica. I am extremely fond of “Unit 371,” with its line, it’s an obvious sign of complacent despair. I need to use that line more often in real life.

Immoor – Site | Myspace

Immoor – Collapsible Construction

Immoor – Underside Up



  1. Ron’s avatar

    considering that the loonie tumbled today $10 Canadian is even more of joke :p

    (also there’s a whack of new posts up on my vox site- I’m trying to do one a day in case you’re interested)

  2. zara’s avatar

    I am interested! I’ll put it on my feeds list.

  3. Ron’s avatar

    cool :)

    Hey would you mind I reprinted your concert review of the Decembrists on my site? I’m looking to add concert info and reviews to it as well

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