The Ballet

I don’t think I could introduce the Ballet with more panache than their own biography:

They hope for casual queer elegance in every element of their work — from homemade CD’s in silk-screened envelopes to live shows, which have the touch & feel of hanging out with friends on a rooftop or in the kitchen and putting on some favorite songs for an impromptu dance party over whisky and lemonade.

I don’t have a rooftop, and I’m straight, but I can totally get down with casual queer elegance, especially when it’s wrapped up in enough pop to send my blood sugar through the roof. These guys sound like a more upbeat Lucksmiths, because they’re dealing with deeper issues even as they’re going “whoa – oh – whoa – oh.” There’s “I Hate the War,” and “Murder at the Disco,” and “Cheating On Your Boyfriend,” all very clever, so rest assured that it’s not just saccharine. Plus, the lead singer sounds veddy sexy and instrumentals are equally hot. What’s not to like? Their debut album, “Mattachine!”, was released last August, and it’s on iTunes.

The Ballet: Site | Myspace

The Ballet – In My Head
The Ballet – I Hate the War



  1. Matthew’s avatar

    Wow, the strings/casio combination is very Magnetic Fields, isn’t it, although the songs themselves and vocals are nothing like. I like, though.

  2. zara’s avatar

    That’s what I saw people saying in their reviews … though I have not heard any Magnetic Fields myself, so I’ll take your word for it.

  3. Matthew’s avatar

    They can be brilliant, but they can also be a bit poor, so I’d recommend either taking the advice of a fan or making careful use of free previews before jumping in and buying an album!

  4. zara’s avatar

    I’ve also heard that :D I don’t think Magnetic Fields is exactly my kind of music.

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