Charlotte Hatherley

If this year was in fact 1997, Charlotte Hatherley would be called (admiringly) a “grrrl.” She’s a rocker in the Joan Jett style, loud and brash and fun, and though I have not heard anything from her previous band (Ash) or her previous album, she’s really got her hooks in me for her upcoming record (entitled “Deep Blue”). Between the legally released single “Behave” and a radio rip of “I Want You To Know,” acquired from Chromewaves, I’m thinking this record will fly off the shelves. Lady Sov was making the Brits look bad, in my opinion, but Ms. Hatherley is here to save the day.

Charlotte Hatherley – Site | Myspace

Charlotte Hatherley – I Want You To Know (radio rip from Chromewaves)
Charlotte Hatherley – Behave