The Postmarks

I predict more hype on the Postmarks’ new self-titled album very soon, as it will be released next month, so let me ride the wave while I can. This is music made for a film; perhaps we’ll see it on an episode of Veronica Mars? It’s just dripping with atmosphere, thanks in most part to the vocals by Tim Yehezkely, who sounds 98.5% like Karen Peris (down to the oddly foreign intonation). In fact, this reminds me of the Innocence Mission with a little bit more … I don’t know, verve? A little more angst, a bucketful of clever lyrics and allusions to the outdoors. Sweet and sour, sweet and sour, turns out he loves me not, Yehezkely sings, while behind her, all the instruments begin to rain.

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The Postmarks – Let Go
The Postmarks – Weather the Weather



  1. Chad’s avatar

    i did a post on them just a week or so ago…they’re absolutely delightful! glad you’re digging them too. :)

  2. Matthew’s avatar

    Once again, your shimmering loveliness radar is in fine form!

    Do you know The Bird & the Bee? Shan has posted on them over at Noise for Toaster, and they sound like the sort of thing you might like.

  3. zara’s avatar

    Chad — once again, brain sharing.!

    Matthew — I try to polish the shimmering loveliness radar as often as possible so it doesn’t miss stuff. I think I have heard of The Bird & the Bee, but haven’t checked them out. They might even be in the pile of songs on my desktop. Must … clean out … desktop!!

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