The Pity Party

Heard this one via the omniscient Jax of The Rock Insider. It’s LA local band The Pity Party, who make two people sound like at least five. They’re weirdly modulated, but I like their calculated dissonance. That’s right, I said calculated — have a listen to that creepy “Lullaby” they have on their Myspace and don’t look around for someone behind you. I dare ya. They’re right: you can never be too sure.

According to Jax, their lead vox, named Heisenflei, plays drums and keyboard and sings at the same time. Which means that if you’re local and you want a good time, I believe you should mosey on over to the Silverlake Lounge on Mondays this month and watch the show. Perhaps she has three pairs of hands or something.

The Pity Party – Myspace

The Pity Party – The War Between Eight And Four

The Pity Party – WMD