Amy Winehouse

Well! My computer imploded over the weekend … first the video card, then the power supply, then the motherboard. It was the Great Computer Implosion of 07. So my dear husband went out and bought a new one, and also saved my old hard drive, which meant he saved all my music. It took me awhile to resort back through it and figure everything out, but I’m back.

Also, I had to take all files down that were hosted on Filelodge … they have been “down for maintenance” for like a month. The problem with these places is that people don’t just put up sweet l’il music files … they put up some terribly nasty crap. But I’m serious when I say that you can contact me for any tracks that have been taken down. I’m happy to attach them to an email or put them up on YSI. Filexoom remains, though my bandwidth is almost up … and then likely I will have to go with something else, probably something like YSI. Which is why I repeat my previous offer. Ask me; I won’t say no. How could I?

Also also, Largehearted Boy is holding a contest for its fifth birthday — all you have to do is go here and drop a comment and you could win 50 cds. Little work! Lotta possible payoff! Go forth!

And now on to Ms. Winehouse. A friend of mine sent me the single “Rehab,” from her album entitled “Back to Black,” and I was instantly attracted to her Motown-fusion style. Winehouse obviously has a solid knowledge of jazz, classic r&b, and motown sound. Her voice is beautiful (it doesn’t sound like it belongs with her body, a comment she probably hears often, and if you see the video for “Rehab” you may well say to yourself, as I did, “Is she … lip-synching?”). But the real swingers on “Rehab” are the sax and the piano; the lyrics are kind of inane but they just rock when you pair up Winehouse’s torch singing with those fine instruments.

Winehouse is old enough to know about drinking and broken hearts and waking up alone; and she gives a nod to Billy Paul with her song “Me and Mr Jones (Fuckery).” But the album on the whole is one-note; it’s unhappy and it self-medicates and sometimes I just don’t want to be around it. Perhaps Winehouse is too young to realize that the same tradition that brought us the St Louis Blues also brought us Louis Armstrong, and his enduring tune about it sometimes being a pretty wonderful world. Nevertheless, this album is enormously popular over the pond, and they know what they’re about over there. Give it a try.

Amy Winehouse – Site | Myspace | Label (Island)

Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game



  1. Icka’s avatar

    How sad, that computer was my only source of entertainment through countless summers(if you can’t count past three). Oh well.

    She has an interesting voice, I really like the kind of Southern Blues/Soul/Jazz thing plus the hot beats that keep it from dragging and make it really listenable and catchy. It’s fun, but I don’t know if I would buy an album full of it.

  2. Matthew’s avatar

    I usually completely agree with your choices, but not this time. Amy Winehouse is such an annoying pain in the arse that I find it impossible to enjoy her music because she is just so teeth-grindingly tedious as an individual.

    Sorry, just thought I’d mention it ;-)

  3. zara’s avatar

    Yeah … it definitely starts to get on your nerves after awhile … and she’s probably horribly overplayed in Britain. I’m just a huge sucker for Motown revival. :D

  4. juliette’s avatar

    the washington post did a huge story on her i think in last week’s paper. made her sound pretty interesting. i guess her schtick is to get really drunk or else she can’t sing for crap. anyway. thanks for the songs, i was trying to find some to sample.

  5. zara’s avatar

    So very ironic, but not really ironic at all, that her most popular song is about refusing to go to rehab. I guess she’s just a flash in the pan then… ah well.

  6. Comandante Agi’s avatar

    Some songs on the album don’t work at all, like the Mr. Jones one. But I’ve really been digging Rehab, You Know I’m No Good and Back to Black.

  7. zara’s avatar

    “You Know I’m No Good” is a really strong offering and has a nice blues underpinning. I think it’s the best song on the album.

  8. Andy’s avatar

    omg!amy craphouse is absolute garbage!
    looks crap,sings crap and a druggie to boot!
    wot more don’t you want from a damn ugly cow!

  9. Andy’s avatar

    sorry,i forgot to say she is shit!

  10. Andy’s avatar

    oh soz i feel sick looking at her!

  11. JanelleROX’s avatar

    I LOVE AMY. She is real and doesnt have ridiculous lyrics like some artits out there.

  12. danell’s avatar

    i think you guys are all a bunch of haters. She has a bad ass sound. I love heavy “self-medicating” music sometimes. She has her own sound and who cares if shes crazy. fold your life inside out for us and let us say how together we think you are! Better yet, you sing something for us Andy!? Hater.

  13. bookie’s avatar

    Umm how much chutzpah does this self-professed “little Jewish white girl from England” have to name her album “Back to Black?” She’s so desperately wanting to be accepted as something she’s not: a genuine R&B/Soul/Motown artist. No, it’s not because she’s white that I think she fails at this attempt. It’s because her whole take, personality, etc. is so machinated and superficial; musical chops don’t come from imitation, sampling, play-acting, etc. They come from a sensibility within and a lotta hard work. Sorry, but Amy Winehouse is annoying and pretentious, and her “soul” sounds to me like a rip-off of good, classic sound rather than a tribute, mastery, reinterpretation, or advancement of it.

  14. Jamie’s avatar

    I really love her. I was given her cd as a gift and after reading about her in Rolling Stone I was interested, even though I thought she was a bit odd. I ADORE the music. She is young, and she living life….remember your 20’s??? Love her.

  15. Miller’s avatar

    I think if maybe you read up on Miss Winehouse and her past relationships and what she has been through in her life and with her record company and all, then maybe you would understand why the album is titled Back to Black. I can relate to her more than any of those cookie cutter pop stars out there. Amy is real and beautiful and has a gorgeous voice.

  16. Tracey’s avatar

    AMY IS THE SHIT!! Crazy as hell but shes doing her!

  17. ugliestthingieverfuckingsaw’s avatar

    Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL??? What the fuck? Have you ever seen a photo of this ugly FREAK? She’s got a really long face with freaky, large lips, no jaw line and to top it off she does her makeup really weird. Has anyone ever seen anything so god damn ugly?

  18. boab’s avatar

    amy winehouse is a massive media darling so i thought i’d see what all the fuss was about. I looked her up on youtube….

    I found her to be extremely arrogant, shallow, and very much a brat.

  19. heather’s avatar

    my g-d! If you don’t care for someone’s music, (or art), don’t listen to it. everyone has their own tastes, so if a, for example, music critic, doesn’t like a CD or other performance, can’t you all just say, “the music is terrible-don’t buy it”. What does an artist’s body have to do with their sound?

  20. Reality’s avatar

    She’s any over hyped Macy Gray wannabe.Yes,she’s got a voice, but no, she’s not original and it’s pretty sad when people pay more attention to your antics than art. It says a lot about her as an artist.

    Self medicating? Ha! Remember Alanis Morrisette and “Jagged little pill” and I didn’t even like that one. Self absorbed people ( and age has nothing to do with it!), artists or not, come and go and she’ll be lucky if she ends up a niche artist at her rate-you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and she hasn’t treated her fans too well eithera nd I’m not even counting the criminal stuff of her and her husband-this isn’t ‘hijinks!’

    Oh, yeah, everyone is free to comment here whether they like her or not and I’ve never bought her music and won’t.

  21. sara’s avatar

    I love Amy. She’s messed up and she sings about it. I love her voice and her lyrics. She has re-introduced a style of music that this generation hasn’t been interested in and made it her own. I’ll buy anything she releases. I never get sick of her. Reality, how about less rant and more spellcheck and punctuation. Rather than being self absorbed perhaps she has a self destructive, addictive, psychological problem. Sorry reality, you are full of shit.

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