Essie Jain

So how often do I hear a song from a random download and then go and get the whole album off of emusic without any second thoughts? Never, that’s how often. So it was a blogworthy day when I snagged “Glory” by Essie Jain from somewhere (I think perhaps G vs. B and I actually agreed on something for once).

Basically the internet fails me on Jain’s personal info — couple interviews and a scant bio (she’s British; last name of Wilkinson. Not that I want to know much more, I guess). However, the music speaks for itself. Think of stripped-down Portishead, mixed with a bit of Joni Mitchell and Dido, and adding in some fantastic harmonies. The music can’t be put in a genre category, which makes it truly indie, I suppose. It is slow and ambient, and will put some readers off with its easy pace; but I encourage everyone to give it a try, and you might just find yourself over at Emusic like me, buying a copy of “We Made This Ourselves.”

Essie Jain – Site | Myspace | Label (Ba Da Bing!)

Essie Jain – Loaded

Essie Jain – Disgrace



  1. Matthew’s avatar

    I ordered this album from the label ages ago and it’s still in the post so thanks for the bonus songs. The annoyance with emusic is that big labels won’t touch them and so many artists have their overseas releases managed by bigger labels so I actually can’t get the bloody thing on emusic over here. Gah!

    Still, looking forward to the CD, she’s lovely!

  2. Andy’s avatar

    I found your post this morning: I interviewed Essie Jain and have posted a slice of it as part of a recent edisode of my podcast, “Tourist in the City”. I have scheduled the 15 minute edit for a posting in June 2007. Let me know if you like it!

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