Lara St John

Today we venture into heretofore uncharted territory … classical music. Since I’m such a heavily lyric person, classical music is hard for me to pay attention to. Often it recedes into the background, something that I listen to with half an ear while wondering what the next song will be (exception: Yo-Yo Ma, because he makes everything wonderful). And so kudos to TRGAW once again, for linking to a Lara St John song. As with everything TRGAW writes, I thought to myself, “I need to give this a try.”

From what I can tell, St John is like the Shania Twain of classical music. She’s very good at what she does, but is discounted because she’s pretty and likes to show it off. In her earlier days as a performer, she tarted up the violin incrementally — view a video, if you like — but let’s be honest, compared to Britney in a schoolgirl’s uniform, it’s barely a discussion point. What has remained throughout is the beauty of her playing and the joyous, interesting turns she takes with her music.

The album I bought (off iTunes, so I can’t share it with you, though there are lots of samples at her site) was “Re: Bach” (put out in 2003). It’s a postmodern li’l collection where classical pieces are intertwined with Asian and Indian influences, electronica, Irish traditional, and more things that I probably am too classical-retarded to understand, to create a sound that says, “put me on your ipod, right now and dance down the street to me like those ridiculous commericals you always mocked.”

If you don’t believe me and don’t like samples, you can view a video of “Goldberg2” at Cnet. The video is a little dorky, but there’s breakdancing and freaky hair going all over the place. Then buy the CD!

Lara St John – Site (audio section)