Decide For Yourself

So we come to the portion of the evening in which, in spite of my talking smack about Andy for his hateration in the last post, I mention some stuff that I can’t get into. Some of you may have gotten into this! Some of you may even like it a lot. Some of you may want to give it a try. As usual, you may make up your own mind; I present it to you in the hopes that you will. Discuss below if you’d like.

1. Icky Thump — No. Just no. I hate the White Stripes now, I hated the White Stripes then; in a few years, my hatred of the White Stripes will not have diminished. Yea verily.

2. Sky Blue Sky. I respect Jeff Tweedy so highly as a person, but Wilco makes my yawn reflex pop every 10 seconds. I just cannot like it, no matter how hard I try. (Indie license — REVOKED!!)

3. Bands from Sweden. Doesn’t that sound so snobby and dismissive? But compared to the fantastic stuff coming out of France lately, I’m just totally blah on Sweden. Here’s some recent Swedish music you might like: Pelle CarlbergMainlinersThirdimensionRonderlinLoney, Dear.

4. Creepy self-indulgent videos featuring Natalie Portman in gogo boots. SRSLY.

5. Bishop Allen’s prospective new album, The Broken String. It’s kind of like, you ate a whole bunch of candy and you liked it at first and then it kind of made you go, “oog,” and you just want the candy to go away for awhile, but people keep offering you more. Oog.

Five things I do like!

1. Bonde Do Rolê (at Mars Needs Guitars!)

2. “Here’s a truck stop instead of St. Peters” (at Muzzle of Bees).

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff’s new album, “The Magnificent.” (at Kwaya Na Kisser)

4. Did I mention music from France? (at Culture Bully).

5. Interview with Raymond Raposa, aka Castanets. (at Stereogum).

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