Bodies of Water

I remember in a sunday school class many years ago, my teacher (who eventually became my mother-in-law, for the record) was trying to teach her recalcitrant students that music could reach your soul and create a feeling of awe, even if it wasn’t “church sanctioned” music, i.e. hymns. I can’t remember what all she played, except I think there was a Led Zeppelin tune in there. It was a radical idea to all of us hymn-singers when put so baldly, but as a devoted listener I knew it already somehow, because like most teenagers, I got a feeling-fix out of music.

If you don’t believe that you have a soul, then pick another more physical organ. Heart? Brain? I believe in a soul, and part of the reason I believe is how I respond to music. Not just church music — you listeners know what I’m talking about. I felt almost spiritual one time in a Tori Amos concert when she was singing “iieee.” Don’t tell anyone at church — except my mother-in-law. She understands.

So in that spirit (pun!) I present Bodies of Water. A combination of enthusiastic, “Hair”-style singing (i.e., “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”), gospel, and indie rock, it’s enough to delight anyone looking for an uplift. Of course I don’t mean that Bodies of Water is just touchy-feely, love-you-love-me music. The music’s purpose, such as it is, can be summed up by a quote on their myspace:

Bodies of Water aren’t providing a soundtrack for catharsis, surrounding the listener with “good feelings” or “bad feelings.” They only hope to give encouragement in the lone struggle against adversity, to proffer up a thing to be internalized (and evolve therein) or die.

Perhaps then, Bodies of Water does not provide outward spirituality, but a conduit to your inner thoughts so you can find your own; and no more joyful noise than this could accompany that journey. July 24th sees the debut of their new album, “Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink” (and then we’ll all presumably confess that Bodies of Water rocks).

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[Note: tracks have been removed. Please contact me for a copy.]

Bodies of Water — These Are the Eyes
Bodies of Water — I Guess I’ll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess



  1. Icka’s avatar

    Hey, does anyone remember when the Arcade Fire was that good? I was listening to ‘These Are the Eyes’ and reading and found myself suddenly surprised by my head bobbing back and forth of its own volition.

  2. zara’s avatar

    You broke the emo code! I scorn you!

  3. Icka’s avatar

    Don’t worry, I cut myself to make up for it.

  4. juliette’s avatar

    Neon Bible is fantastic, gets better every time I listen to it. Everyone shoosh up. Also, I like this Bodies of Water stuff!

  5. zara’s avatar

    I really … need … to listen to it again. One of these days when I get some time.

  6. juliette’s avatar

    dude. try keep the car running(2) and windowsill(9). just listen to them a few times. i didn’t like either at first but they’re so frickin’ catchy. windowsill is my current favorite. it’s kinda blantantly antiwar/anti whatever-is-popular-to-be-anti-about, and i know you don’t like blatant, but try eeeet. and you may. try eet and you may i say.

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