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[ed. note — Realizing how remiss I have been — oh yes, you were all scorning me — I watched the video for Love Will Tear Us Apart. Man, I would have liked that song a lot when I was fifteen. Makes me want to dig out my copy of “Seventeen Seconds.” If, y’know, it weren’t on tape.]

I get a lot of music emailed to me these days and not much time to listen to it, but I don’t want it to build up too long. I’ve gone and dug through a few of my emails, and so far it’s been a 50/50 prospect. I’ll feature them by fours anyway, the ones I liked and the ones I thought were meh (anything I really hated or found offensive got a delete button). Please excuse the prose, it is not as polished as usual, ha ha. In alphabetical order, because I’m a nerd like that:

the Good Luck Joes
— Nice funky pop, think Travis’s rock sound crossed with the Format’s cheeky lyricism. Lots of preview music available on their site. Album released last year called “What Do You Think Of That Noise?” Why, I think it’s just fine. Turn it up.

The Good Luck Joes – Site | Myspace

Motocade — Nice email from Motocade’s bass player — music is kind of young for me. Yes good bass (grats to Scott), kind of whiny vox. Lyrics can be very snappy, esp in “My Friends” — ‘you won’t go blind if you watch my back.’ Zing! Also props for a pretty Myspace, which you don’t see every day.

Motocade – Myspace

Papertrigger – Self-described as “rock juggernauts.” Er … I guess … but I’m just not getting it. Complimentarily, I suppose, I can’t find anything to compare this music with … perhaps the patriotic anthem of Borogravia? (Gratuitous Terry Pratchett reference ahead –) I can see the soldiers marching with their pictures of the Duchess and singing, “We Are Nations Now.” The lyrics make even less sense than a Band Of Horses song. Eek.

Papertrigger – Site

Pearlene — O deary me, I’m hooked from the first chord. Sort of a laid back Scott Biram vibe, very very blues rock. Recommended for those people (like me) who thought “Magic Potion” was one of the best albums of 2006. Newly released record is called, “For Western Violence and Brief Sensuality.” Hot damn, me likey. *plays air guitar*

Pearlene – Site | Myspace

Pearlene – Watch the Way

Pearlene – Hosannah

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  1. deepbluesfestival’s avatar

    Bonus points for making the Biram/Pearline/Black Keys connection. Rock on.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Three great tastes that taste great together. :D

  3. corumdeo’s avatar

    Papertrigger comment: Lyrics that don’t make sense?
    Is that a problem? Who do you normally listen to? If you check out the older Monkees, you can get some stuff that makes a LOT of sense…it’s just boring.

  4. zara’s avatar

    To each their own — I don’t think the Monkees make much sense either.

  5. papertrigger’s avatar

    Papertrigger comment: Thanks mom. I like the monkey’s though. you’re stupid guy, and you hurt peoples feelings. stupid face.

  6. zara’s avatar

    Wow, I haven’t been called stupid face in … ever. Interesting.

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