Viva Voce

I just saw a shirt somewhere that says, “I listen to bands that haven’t even been invented yet.” Those of you who subscribe to that theory (perhaps you worship at the altar of the Catbirdseat) will wish to exit the theater now. The rest of us can then feel free to cast our minds way, way back. I’m talking about the ancient year of … 2006. In that year, I missed Viva Voce’s release, “Get Yr Blood Sucked Out.”

Perhaps I was too focussed on Barsuk labelmate, the toe-tapping Mr. Votolato, and most likely I was put off by the free mp3 offered by most blogs (entitled, “We Do Not Fuck Around,” it suffered the same fate as most other songs with the F word in them. I have a six-year-old and I play a lot of songs in the car. What can I say). Anyway, I must tender an apology to Kevin and Anita Robinson.

The album is chock full of fun-loving, mildly retro, snarky songs like “The Devil Himself” (“you were sent from the devil himself to me / and I’ll see you in hell before we’re through / cause I got nothing to prove to you”). Ms. Robinson’s voice is dreamily on-key, sounding often like Liz Phair or Paula Cole, that 90s in-your-face grrlishness that’s cute but cuts your throat when you’re not looking. In a nice bit of fairplay, Anita does the vox on the first half of the album and then Kevin takes his turn. Though I think she is stronger than he is vocally, my favorite song is the clever “Never Be Like Yesterday.” And then add in the strong, clear instrumentals that are all bluesy and rocktastic and, in short, I was wrong. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

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[Note: tracks removed. Contact me for a copy.]

Viva Voce – From the Devil Himself

Viva Voce – When Planets Collide

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out video (you can also stream the whole album)