Teenage bands, and the whole So So Indie scene, it’s not really my thing. If you stretch it, I’m old enough to be some of their moms. So go put on some boy’s jeans, you boys, and you girls, let me remind you that argyle does not work on all occasions! Especially with stripes!

Nah, I’m just kidding. Go ahead and mix your patterns. What I mean is, I find a lot of Teen Indie music to be more exterior pretense and less talent. Kids … their opinions are so strongly felt and yet they really mean so little in the grand scheme of things. I like my weary singers to be truly tired because of experience, not just all full of ennui. Maybe I’m just jealous because I never had patent leather shoes, but I don’t feel that there’s a lot of genuine, grownup talent behind the retro-glam Look and the carefully precious opinions on Music and Art and Corporations and Politics. Not to mention that a lot of ’em think they can sing when they really ought … not.

So what to make of a band like Eisley, whose members — all family — are young enough to make Hanson jokes about? What to make of the effortless harmonies punctuating songs that, even in 2005, were enough to catch Reprise records’ attention? Why can’t I stop listening to their new record, “Combinations”? It starts out with a punch — the track “Many Funerals” sounds semi-medieval (result, I imagine, of playing “Her Majesty the Decemberists” more than they ought, but still!) and then it segues into this sweet noisy rock, and over all of that, the harmonies simply fly.

I was listening to “Eyes Will Pop…” by Bodies of Water last week, and my biggest complaint was with the soprano. When she goes into the high registers, it makes my eyes water and I get sad, cause she’s not singing, she’s screaming, and it ruins the song. But the two DuPree girls that lead out Eisley are fantastic, and they aren’t trying to make a world statement, just delivering solid rock & roll, like when they hit the high notes in “Invasion” — you, you, you would take the breath from my throat / and you, you, you would take the cherished people that I love. I dunno if that song is about vampires or what, and the video is tres creepy, but that’s part of the fun — the lyrics have layers of meaning, once again belying the age thing (although one would assume a ‘cherished person’ would be someone that you love. Hi. English teacher here). With the exception of some slowish songs, the album is extremely appealing.

The lesson to all of you is: don’t ever judge a band by its matching Converse. And also, go listen to Eisley. Right now.

Eisley – Site | Myspace | Label (Reprise)

Creepy “Invasion” video

[note: tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

Eisley — One Day I Slowly Floated Away

Eisley — Many Funerals



  1. James’s avatar

    See, now that’s why I love (still) the indie scene; it keeps me young.

  2. Anna’s avatar

    I caught some of Eisley’s set at SXSW, and I seem to remember them saying that Invasion was inspired by watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which seems to be confirmed by the video. It is quite creepy, but a great video!

    By the way, the link for “One Day I Slowly Floated Away” doesn’t seem to be working. Or maybe it’s just me?

  3. zara’s avatar

    J: You really need to be young to go to all those shows. Oy, my back! :D

    Anna: Aha, creepy body snatchers! That must be it! The link is working for me, but I put it up at YSI too: here .

  4. pj hardly’s avatar

    Young or old, Eisley is amazing. So cute and photogenic, they’re on the cover of RAGGED.

    its free to grab here, http://www.raggedmag.com

  5. Laura’s avatar

    May i have a copy please? of the songs?

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