Sugar Free Mix

This post is for friend and reader J.M., who I admire very much. Lately he has faced a few personal challenges, which I shall not enumerate even in this post-privacy age, and he has faced them with bravery and with fortitude. He has conquered a couple of fears that even I squirm in my chair to think of. I salute you, James! I salute you with a mix containing a hefty dose of Canadians :D Hope you enjoy it.

This is a mix, for reals, so it’s set up a certain way & meant to be played in order. However, I know that this here digital age has made mixes so passé; therefore I also include single links.

Sugar Free Mix
for J.M. [08.21.07]

[ed note – tracks removed. contact me for a copy of single tracks (max of 3 pls)]

01 Play Tough – The Apples In Stereo
02 Shaking Through – REM
03 Know How (ft Feist) – Kings Of Convenience
04 Ode To Serotonin – Nightmare Of You
05 Life Effect – Stars
06 If I Should Explode – Machines Of Loving Grace
07 Van Helsing Boom Box – Man Man
08 The Needle Has Landed – Neko Case
09 Doing the Unstuck (Live, London, 92) – The Cure
10 Ultimate – Gogol Bordello

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  1. mjrc’s avatar

    oh how i love that stars song . . .

  2. James.’s avatar

    Thanks, that’s so sweet :-)

  3. zara’s avatar

    You’re welcome! Enjoy.

  4. jacko’s avatar

    The Apples’ Play Tough is so fucking beautiful!!!

  5. zara’s avatar

    Yep, it sure is.

  6. capricia’s avatar

    umm… it won’t let me download it… am I too late to? Bummer!

  7. zara’s avatar

    I don’t know why it won’t let me download from the photo. The url is

    – try right-clicking off that.

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