So like … Radiohead, and stuff*.

But also new Regina Spektor video! (I’ll be seeing her at the Wiltern very soon, yippee.)

And oh baby, new Sea Wolf (how can something so totally indie be so totally hot?). Take a chance on this local boy, because you will not regret it.

And if you want something stripped to its bare bones, new Peter & the Wolf! I was a big fan of “Lightness,” so we’ll see how “the Ivori Palms” shakes out.

If you like light jazz numbers, Queen Latifah put out a new album called Trav’lin Light — very unobjectionable and in parts even inspired.

[ed. note — tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

Queen Latifah — Trav’lin Light

Sea Wolf — Winter Windows

Peter & the Wolf — The Ivori Palms

*yes, I bought it, but more to show good faith than in actual expectation of a good record. I’m a “Bends” girl, so I didn’t take the change to Kid A style all that well.

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  1. juliette’s avatar

    what radiohead did you buy? i got my download code but didn’t spend a cent. and then felt bad for not paying and tried to back it up and pay, but couldn’t. it keeps me up at night. ok it doesn’t.

  2. zara’s avatar

    “In Rainbows.” I paid 4 pounds. But did not get a download code. I got no email confirmation. I figure I can email them in a few days about it. I don’t really care that much (heh).

  3. juliette’s avatar

    well since YOU paid, i will send you the music when i have it, since i do have a code. i care very much.

  4. zara’s avatar

    Well, you gotta do what your conscience dictates. I just paid because I’m a huge fan of free trade. If I can get the album directly from a band’s greasy little hand, I’m more likely to pay for it.

  5. juliette’s avatar

    *sigh* radiohead is my most favorite band, and i couldn’t even throw 4 pounds at them? i should be put down like an old…horse. dog. whatever the saying dictates.

  6. zara’s avatar

    Like a dog that BIT A LITTLE BOY IN THE EYE. That’s you. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME!

  7. juliette’s avatar

    did you get your radiohead? they emailed me a notice tuesday night and a link wednesday morning. downloaded the zipped album in about 2 minutes, had it on cd and ipod in 20.

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