The Band of Annuals

As if I needed another reason to want to move back to Utah — I happened to snag an mp3 from The Band of Annuals (not to be confused with The Annuals, from North Carolina), whose homebase is Salt Lake City. Yay! A chance to promote a cool alt-country band from SLC!

Now, the band is young, their Myspace has awful misspellings, and they don’t seem so great at self-promotion. They also annoyed yours truly with the song “Constant Stride,” where Jay Henderson snipes nastily at the people who go to church every Sunday. (See, the thing is, if you choose to live in Utah and cry about people going to church, you have two choices: 1) quit crying and live with it, or 2) move somewhere else. It’s like choosing to live on Rodeo Drive and then crying because people shop all the time.)

So, there are obstacles, but they all seem like they’d be smoothed out with time and experience. It’s all forgiveable, especially when Jay Henderson sounds as sweet as Ryan Adams on “Gold” when he sings “Lord Have Mercy.” See? I’m easy. Add in the lovely harmony, violin, and mandolin played by Jeremi Hanson, and I’m not only forgetting, I’m writing it all up on my blog. They’re a talented bunch, and I hope to see a solid couple of albums out of them, maybe even a label … where’re all those dang labels when you need one?

The Band of Annuals: Myspace (album available there for purchase)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
The Band of Annuals – The Devil Said, RSVP (highly recommended!)
The Band of Annuals – Lord Have Mercy
The Band of Annuals – San Francisco Take Me Back