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“Tonight, we salute the silver anniversary of the Great Springfield Tire Yard Fire. Twenty-five years, and still burning strong!”
–Kent Brockman

LAist points out one early music video — Cab Calloway’s “St James Infirmary Blues,” animated in a Betty Boop video.

Via the Music Slut, video of Bishi. That woman can shred like no other — on a sitar (I think that’s a sitar! Doh). Heh.

Brooklynvegan has some videos from the very excellent Café Tacvba, plus tour dates.

From Culture Bully, Tori Amos on Jay Leno. I don’t revere Tori like I used to (that hair! oy vey!), but seeing her rock out on her two pianos brings back the old times.

And also from Chris, Sea Wolf on Jimmy Kimmel. *fans self*

Also via LAist, trailer video for the new film about Kurt Cobain. The film is called “About A Son,” and purports to be about Kurt in his own words. I’m sure there’s someone out there that hangs on every one.

From Idolator, the Hives give you more bang for your buck with “Tick Tick Boom.” It’s actually … kind of scary.

And from my high school via YANP, Win Butler does Violent Femmes while staring off into nowhere. But he still manages to rock — it must be the megaphones. Three, three, three for my headache, and four, four, four for my heartache.

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  1. James’s avatar

    Yeah, Bishi is playing an electric sitar in that video.

    The Femmes have been all over lately, I’ve heard them in at least one commercial and on one show. Both “Gone Daddy Gone” I think.

    Win is great. I love shooting AF, you never know what will happen. :-)

  2. Chris’s avatar

    Thank you so much for the linkage today!


  3. zara’s avatar

    J: Electric sitar! Man, that is awesome.

    C: You’re welcome, thank you for the videos :)

  4. Ron’s avatar

    I’m such a whore for Kent Brockman quotes…which is quite different that being a whore for Kent Brockman…though it probably pays better…at least I’m sure it beats working in underground sugar caves.

  5. zara’s avatar

    Mmmmm…. sugar caves …..

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