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M. Perpetua from Fluxblog comments briefly on the hype; his point is well made, that the hype (and its bedfellow, backlash) has always existed in some form, but that in recent years its wheel has sped up, grinding everything even more exceeding fine. But interestingly enough, the article ends with a quote (and accompanying video) from Fall Out Boy. I had never heard a Fall Out Boy song before. But the video was darned amusing. Sort of like “Fight For Your Right To Party” in reverse. And thus your massive video hookup begins.

Not really video, but Culture Bully has three awesome Halloween mashup compilations going:
Son Of Monster Mashup
Mashing Pumpkins
Bride of Monster Mashup + Evil Twin of Monster Mashup

LAist has a bunch of Regina Spektor videos up in honor of her appearances in our neck of the woods this week. See you at the El Rey Wiltern if you’re going on Tuesday! Wooo!

Via Electroqueer, new video by Valeria. If you like a lot of leg, the French Revolution, and girls sneaking out with each other for smooches, this is the video for you.

Fabulist found an old video of Skip James from 1966 — Devil’s Got My Woman.

Muzzle of Bees proves that even in 2000, when Ry Ry wore very unfortunate sunglasses and looked like he was gonna fall over, he was still a musician right to his bones. MOB also has a very nice Q&A with the 1900s!

Stereogum has new video for Mary J Blige’s song “Just Fine.” Work it, girl!

Muzzle of Bees links to the Takeaway show concert of St Vincent singing “Paris Is Burning.” At the same time, GvsB links to video of Amanda Palmer covering “Marry Me.” Dude, I am so in love with Amanda Palmer’s voice. Who sings St Vincent better? I can’t decide!! So watch a video of Ms. Palmer covering “Patience,” via Muruch. And wave your lighters!

Via Fabulist, Sony paints the pyramids, sort of, in a crazy new Bravia ad.

And sweet Colin and friends put on a nice performance of “Yankee Bayonet” at ACL. Via Stereogum.

Ferraby Lionheart is growing on me, so I’m liking this video up at ECEU — “The Ballad of Gus and Sam.”

Here’s one for all you Icelandic hipsters (James, I’m looking at you) — “Rhubarbidoo,” by Múm, via Idolator. Er … not sure what’s going on … delicious rhubarb popping up all over the place! Is this a metaphor? Or is a rhubarb sometimes just a rhubarb?

Via Sixeyes, Feist plays drums for her opener, Bob Wiseman, and his song “You Don’t Love Me.”

Via ECEU, Okkervil River, “A Stone.” What really gets me about this is the complete silence of the crowd. No drunk guy screaming “I LOVE YOU WILL!” In the continuing saga of Do I Like Okkervil River, I think this song is too emo for me. But still, that silent crowd.

A ton of links from the Music Slut, a’course:

“Teardrop” (Massive Attack cover) by Jose Gonzalez. Moral of the story … er… don’t get on the wrong side of a guy with a crown?

Sea Wolf! Winter Windows! Video! Did I already link to this? Too bad! Watch it again!

Conor + M. Ward = OTP. At least on stage. No, I don’t want to hear from the Bright Eyes bandom writers. Check out Bright Eyes at the Hollywood Bowl.

And PJ Harvey on Leno — man, she makes younger folks look like mumbling amateurs. Oh, PJ, if only I could have afforded tickets to see you.

And if you got to the bottom, here’s a fun link from Freakonomics: “The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions.” What I wouldn’t give to be on an episode of Mythbusters.

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  1. James’s avatar

    Thanks for the Múm :-) A rhubarb is a quarrel is it not?

    Feist and Bob Wiseman were both in By Divine Right at some point or other, so was Cam Gireaux who married my friend Suzie. Feist was playing one time at Barcode with Daddy Szigeti and Peaches [as Taylor Savvy] (and I think Gonzalez was there not José – though Jose Contreras is the lead singer of By Divine Right) when Justine Frischmann was hanging out with Peaches and they were very, very, very wasted.

    BTW I am so out of touch, I thought you meant Valeria Fellini, cub’s original drummer. Who is now a painter, one of the PopTarts with my friend Nicole, from COAL.

    My mind is strangely tangential today.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Yeah, different Valeria. Young, smiley… glam lesbian.

    Your mind *is* strangely tangential. Lack of sleep, perhaps? Someone crying in your ear?

  3. Chad’s avatar

    Okkervil River is NOT emo! Come on!

  4. zara’s avatar

    You sound just like my sister! She is still desperately trying to get me to stop saying that. It’s what puts me on the fence — Sheff’s lyrics are hyperliterate, so I wouldn’t put OV listeners in the same category as those kids that wear skinny jeans and girl’s belts, but if “emo” is still shorthand for uber-emotive, Sheff’s got it nailed just with that trademark wail. Add in lyrics like “I’m full of fictions and f*king addictions, and I miss my mother,” and, well. I love “Red” as much as the next girl, but….

  5. Chad’s avatar

    Well, sure, but “Red” is nearly five years ago at this point – and it’s a great song! Taking that line out of context certainly makes it sound emo, but it you put it where it goes in the song, after a few verses of an entire story about a mother and daughter Sheff is attempting to tell, it’s a great line.

    Also, have you listened to the new record yet? So not emo. And Sheff sings almost as much as he wails (and I’m a huge fan of the wail, for what it’s worth).

  6. zara’s avatar

    (One notes, in perusing the hype machine, that you youself (well, Melissa) posted “Red” up not three weeks ago. And it definitely is a great song.)

    I listened to some of Stage Names … I don’t contend that they are emo all the time, but that they traverse the territory often enough. “John Allyn Smith Sails,” for instance. Once again, I can’t not love the song, but it uses the most emo Beach Boys song ever to talk about (arguably, and excluding Plath, ha ha) one of America’s most emo poets.

    It is likely that I tend to overuse the term, but on the other hand, listening to Sheff too long makes me uncomfortable. To me, he sounds like he’s crying out the verses — and hey, he hits all the notes, so it’s not bad. Just not my cup of tea. But I’m sure we could both find examples all day that support our theses. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  7. juliette’s avatar

    SWEET FANCY MOSES! Just give in! You know you love ’em! I like him crying the verses! AUGH!

  8. zara’s avatar

    Tee hee

    I riled up the J


  9. chad’s avatar

    Well, you just so happened to pick the one song (John Allyn Smith Sails) that I’m about to post a huge long essay on, something I rarely do for a single song, mostly because I’m in awe of it. So, of course, I have some bones to pick with you! (Get it, Bones! Mr Bones! From Berryman’s Dream Songs? I am oh so clever.)

    The thing with that song, in a nutshell, is that it proves Sheff is a lyrical genius. There is SO much buried in that song, so much to find if you go digging (which, nerd that i am, i did) and it’s like gold for an English major. What’s wrong with you?! :)

    He uses several Berryman lines throughout the song, lines from The Dream Songs, even in the lyrical re-working of Sloop John B at the end, and while doing this, also manages to tell a tale of a man choosing to leave this world in a (for Berryman) cathartic and beautiful moment. No small feat for a 4 minute rock song, eh?

    And what’s this about Berryman being an “emo” poet? You have to explain that to me. I mean, the way you seem to be throwing the word around, most any poet of the last 100 years would qualify as ’emo’, because, well, they’re poets. What makes Berryman so especially though?

  10. zara’s avatar

    I don’t mean emo in style; I mean in life. The man lived on booze and pills, he was hospitalized many times for it; he jumped off the bridge and missed the water, it seemed, his whole life. Between him and Sexton and Plath, they had the emo sewed up (though as you say, what poet doesn’t have emo in them. Maybe it’s a requirement.)

    In fact I don’t consider his style emo in the least, especially compared to the confessional poets he was up against. The Dream Songs remind one of Eliot; they have that sort of epic feel to them, like they don’t really belong on our plane of existence and we have to go up to them to sort things out. :D

    I know Sheff is hyperliterate; I don’t like Berryman that much personally, so I didn’t go digging. But I look forward to your essay, very very much. The song is, I think, exactly suited to Okkervil’s style and of course, it’s about a poet, so I love it automatically.

  11. juliette’s avatar

    *storms off*

  12. James’s avatar

    My mind is actually nearly always tangential to a degree. F hasn’t much impacted my sleep. He’s a good little progeny :-)

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