I write this post for my sister, who sent me a mix of crazy German pop. I don’t want her to not have heard of Klee. It’s a public service post! I feel good for doing my civic duty.

I miss a lot of music because it’s sung in a different language. For instance, I don’t listen to japanese pop or Sigur Ros, because no matter how beautiful the music is, it just bugs me that I can’t understand what they’re saying. One of my goals in life was to learn every language on the globe, but I fell pretty short, and I definitely don’t speak Icelandic. But! I used to speak German pretty well, so I could definitely give German music a try.

Problem is, of course, that German pop is pretty sub-standard. Or at least, that’s what I’ve always thought … but Klee is not substandard, so I have to question my assumption. Klee is superstandard (isn’t that the opposite of substandard? Heh). Suzie Kerstgens, the lead, has a beautiful voice and the ability to sing in two languages; no small accomplishment. I spent a little time as a translator (admittedly, I wasn’t very good at it) and it’s difficult. But Kerstgens manages to make “wir werden wie Gold sein” to turn perfectly into “we would be so golden.”

Klee’s album “Jelängerjelieber” is being released in the US on Minty Fresh records as “Honeysuckle.” Three of the songs have been translated into English: “Für Alle, Die” as “This Is For Everyone”; “Gold” as … “Gold”; and “Tausendfach” as “A Thousand Ways.” The rest of it is in German, and I recommend it. I prefer “Für Alle, Die” in German (I can still understand a bit of it :D). Go forth and listen! And have some Mentos while you’re at it (that’s what “minty fresh” reminds me of — all the Mentos I used to have my friend Maria buy for me in sixth grade, back when Mentos weren’t available in every gas station on the planet.)

Klee: Myspace | Site | Label (Minty Fresh)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
Klee – Gold (English)
Klee – Für Alle, Die



  1. juliette’s avatar

    hey thanks, these are the first songs to be downloaded on my new(old) laptop. can’t get into my old hard drive yet, haven’t managed to get this system to recognize it. so. new music ahoy!

  2. juliette’s avatar

    ps NOONE understands sigur ros, he was singing in a made-up language until the latest, Takk. :)

  3. zara’s avatar

    I thought it was Icelandic!! Silly silly me. OK, riddle me this though, WHY would you sing in a made-up language? That’s just … so …. um … I can’t think of anything to sugarcoat “stupid.”

    What do you think of Klee? She’s awesome huh.

  4. juliette’s avatar

    she IS awesome. and so is the dude from the next post. i download everything except the bollywood and bossa nova stuff here, so i can’t remember the names of all the stuff i’ve loved so far.

    yeah takk is in icelandic but the others are in nonsense. stupid or no, it sure is pretty. :)

  5. nakonimmo’s avatar

    This is one great album! Thanks for turning me on!

  6. zara’s avatar

    Nako — You’re welcome. Spreading the German pop love!

    J — The next guy is extremely awesome. !!! But why no Bollywood? You can’t hate on the Ganges A Go-Go.

  7. ketchupfreak88’s avatar

    I would have translated “wir werden wie gold sein” into “we will be like gold”. But…for the music and the rhytm it’s translated perfectly. ^^

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