Albums I Enjoyed in 2007 — 7

Moving Units
Hexes For Exes
Dark Walls

The 80s have been popping up all over the place, you’ve probably noticed this. Generation X is the group that loves its nostalgia; we love to have our childhood packaged up and fed back to us through our ears. Though I don’t really understand going to a concert for a revered 80s idol (Moz, for instance, though I don’t have anything against the man), I don’t mind 80s revival — synth is groovy, and I always did like the Cure, so I like anything with a little Cure flavor. Like that guy from the Shout Out Louds who sounds exactly like Robert Smith on that one song — that’s cool. Or on Moving Units’ “Dark Walls,” where the violin backing could be (probably is) buried somewhere on “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.”

“Hexes For Exes” had me from the get-go, what with the rhyming album name and the fantastically rococo album cover. It’s a great collection of songs, with modern beats and simple images (from “Crash N Burn Victims”: They say in Heaven the first shall be last, but that was a comeback; for people who dream that we’re angels, we’re so vain). And there’s that little underpinning of 80s, from the synth to the bass to Miller’s slight wail. “Blood Beats,” with its beauteous sliding cascade of a lyric — I got a notion things are in motion / I gotta know soon cause I got a fever that could dry up the ocean / so much emotion / I gotta know soon cause I got the damage if you wanna get broken — reminds me deeply of another song, completely unrelated and actually released in 1978, but inextricable to my own 80s experience: “Warm Leatherette,” by the Normal. Quick! Let’s make love, before you die.


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    But how can you have “Warm Leatherette” without Elton Motello’s “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”? :-)

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