Scott H. Biram

Imagine that you’re driving across a back country road, flipping the channels on your radio. At first you can’t get anything, and then you start hearing the growly, staticky voice of a preacher, coming through some ghost receiever. But this isn’t any know it all, morality-talking, money-loving good old boy. This is a blues preacher, and his gospel is the foot-stomping, guitar banging, low-fi truth that burrows into your soul and pulls an amen out of you.

Scott Biram’s music is not what I thought it’d be, not at all. His bio reads like a redneck anthology, and his blurb at Bloodshot records is complimentary, but also kind of scary — they call his music “psychobilly gospel.” His 2005 record is called “Dirty Old One Man Band,” for crying out loud. And I’ll give him two out of three, but since I’m 30 and he’s 29 — at least he isn’t old.

He’s not the kind of guy you take home to Momma, but he knows his blues. He’s the kind of guy that you go to when you’ve got trouble, because he knows your trouble, and he can top your troubles with his own. He’s a bluesman, and if you can listen and not like his racketing, raging, rocking gospel, well, maybe you don’t have a soul to save.

Scott’s new album, “Graveyard Shift,” was released yesterday. It’s also available on iTunes (all the tracks are labeled “explicit,” but I didn’t find anything particularly explicit about the ones below).

Scott H. Biram: Site | Myspace | Label (Bloodshot)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
Scott H. Biram – Been Down Too Long
Scott H. Biram – No Way
Scott H. Biram – Only Jesus



  1. cat’s avatar

    i want a copy or sample of this song. I caught part of it once on KHUM radio, pretty amazing. Almost Lyle Lovet like but not quite. Maybe I can get my eclectic gospel choir to do it.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Which one? I can email it to you no problem.

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