I’m back from the trip to my in-laws’. The niftiness of Christmas present (portable backup drive! wooo!) was offset by the Zune that my father-in-law acquired. He is a good grandpa so he catered to my son and nephews by playing Dr Demento in the car … over and over and over … and over. Yes, I love Dr Demento as much as the next girl, but there’s only so many times a person can hear “Roly Poly Fish Heads” without wishing heartily to be struck deaf.

But I simply must share the misery.
[ed note — tracks removed. Contact me for a copy.]

Bulbous Bouffant — sketch by The Vestibules at Ferin.com (note: this is what an English major’s thoughts sound like most of the time).

Ti Kwan Leep — sketch by the Frantics, with accompanying song “Boot To the Head” (warning: six year old boys will get VERY ATTACHED to this sketch and ask for it AT LEAST one million times. And every time it says “boot to the head,” they will laugh hysterically. And then sing it over and over for a zickety zillion hours.)

Weird Al Yankovic — Yoda. Also requested by Star-Wars-obsessed boys.

And of course … Star Trekkin’, by the Firm. Because your life wouldn’t be complete without it, though I’d say most kids don’t know what Star Trek is anymore. Welcome to 1995 1987 1981 2008!

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  1. Anne’s avatar

    Thank you so much for the Yoda song! My 7 year old son is completely hooked into Star Wars.

  2. Andy’s avatar

    On the weekend I scrolled through my bookmarks and re-found Bon Ton, then spent about two hours here. I remember why I bookmarked it – I like the tone of your thoughts. Well, I was wondering why you didn’t know about Essie Jain and about the Postmarks, since they weren’t on your 2007 Best album. Then I saw your summer “women in not-rock” post. Then I remembered their CDs came out a long, long time ago. ~ I interviewed Essie Jain for my podcast, “Tourist In The City” and include an edited clip of it on my Myspace page. I liked her description of why she came to New York, leaving the London music scene. — Andy

  3. zara’s avatar

    Anne: I’m glad your son likes it :D I hope it doesn’t earworm you to death.

    Andy: Essie Jain was #20, and the Postmarks were #8, on my list. They are both excellent albums! Thanks for the compliments and the mention of the podcast. I think I did listen to it way back when… I think you left a link to it. Good stuff!

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