Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Poppy like the Lucksmiths but with lonely, drug-laced undertones like Headstones; hailing from Chicago and having nothing to do with Scotland Yard. No gospel in sight. A mass of contradictions, but one fact rises out of the murk: it’s excellent music. Chicago music for me is kind of barren territory (exception: Canasta) but I’m loving the wry lyrics and beat-heavy melodies. Not many indie kids out there have enough chutzpah to sing a song called “I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy.” I’m Sandro Boticelli, he sings, torn between the old and new. The theme continues in “Aspidistra,” where the singer ruminates on his wasted time buying drugs — and if you asked me now I’d say / I’m not sorry but I wouldn’t do it now.

Score one for Bloodshot, who snagged them and released their self-titled album last year; and score one for you, the listener, because your ears will not be sorry.

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — Myspace | Label (Bloodshot)

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — Aspidistra

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy



  1. leaving_liverpool’s avatar

    Speaking of gospel, or the lack thereof, check out the Blind Boys of Alabama.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Oooh, that is gospelicious! I’m chair dancing.

  3. leaving_liverpool’s avatar

    Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I heard an interview with the oldest member of the group and he’s in his 80’s. Seems like a very gentlemanly old fellow.

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