Vienna Teng at Club Suede, Park City, Utah

On August 2nd, my brother-in-law A. and I were privileged to see Vienna Teng perform in Park City. She opened for Duncan Sheik (who we did not stay to see, as the drive was very long), noting that it was only her second time in Utah. She looked very lovely, very thin; she was wearing a pretty tank top and strappy sandals, and her hair was tinted orange over the black. I’m a girl, I notice these things. I took some photos but I’m not including them — for some reason my camera hates taking photos in the dark with the flash off. I think it believes that it’s in my best interests to turn on the flash. (This is the best photo I could google that looks like her — she doesn’t look like any photos on google. Odd.)

She played mostly things from her newest album, “Dreaming Through the Noise.” I haven’t heard anything on that album — the only familiar song she played was “Harbor” — and yet, she was enthralling. I never looked at my watch, or fidgeted, or wondered if maybe we should go sit down in the back, because her whole set was interesting enough to keep the whole club watching and applauding (except the loud, drunk people in the next room who were having a birthday party).

The songs themselves were definitely keepers. They were as varied as could be: the sarcastic nasty thrill of “Whatever You Want” (a song about her boss); the eastern-inspired “Blue Caravan”; the contrast between “Now Three” (for all the folks out there with little kids, she said) and “Recessional” (for all the bitter singles). Vienna’s fingers just flew over the keyboard; she barely even looked at them.

Of course the most fun song was the last; her two fabulous accompanists (cello and violin) did a sort of interpretive dance to “City Hall,” while we all clapped along like we weren’t living in a state that passed an anti-gay-rights bill. Sigh.

Vienna still has half a tour left, and I heartily encourage you to see her. She puts on a great show, and the music speaks for itself. And maybe one of you can get a better picture than I did.

Vienna Teng: Site | Myspace | Label (Rounder)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
Vienna Teng – Harbor
Vienna Teng – Hope On Fire