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Browsing around this morning, I read a funny article by Joshua Allen of the Morning News. It’s not safe for delicate eyes, but it posits that the perfect length for a pop song is 2:42. Allen’s ephiphany descends when he digs up “There She Goes” by the La’s:

I listened to it and said, in my rich and sonorous timbre, in my typically concise and absolutely-nailing-it fashion: “Here is a song that has everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

2:43? Please don’t bother. 2:41? Allen mocks those short ditties:

Then over here we have “Good Morning Good Morning,” rightfully discarded by the masses as a throwaway. Why? Two minutes, 41 seconds. Hey, Beatles, maybe next time think about tacking on an extra second to give a song the grandeur and majesty it deserves.

So, if pop perfection is just a matter of time, it comes as no surprise at all that Lykke Li’s song “Let It Fall” is exactly 2:42. While I’m chair-dancing to tracks from her new album “Youth Novels,” I get the feeling that she knows exactly what I need, and has cut out everything I don’t. And the rest of the songs ain’t bad either (understatement); my absolute favorite is “I’m Good. I’m Gone.” when she sings about getting butter for her piece of bun. Mmmmm…buttered bun.

The videos are great too; she’s in a bathroom, she’s in a high school, she’s in a train station but she can’t stop moving, twitching, skipping, shimmying. It’s not to be expected that a listener could keep from it either.

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[ed note — tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

Lykke Li — I’m Good. I’m Gone.
Lykke Li — Everybody But Me (Christoffer remix)

video — Lykke Li — Little Bit
video — Lykke Li — I’m Good. I’m Gone. (bathroom)
video — Lykke Li — I’m Good. I’m Gone. (official)
video — Lykke Li — Dance Dance Dance



  1. juliette’s avatar

    That first song was the opening song of the new Gray’s episode on Thursday. Spooky…. Or not.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Ah, very savvy of them. Of course it’s not really the kind of music that Dr Gray can cry to. Hm.

  3. daniel’s avatar

    Heyyyy. I’m dying, i need to get that everybody but me christoffer remix. can’t find it anywhere! can you help!! pleez

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