Gossip Girl

My guilty pleasure is back … that shiny, ridiculous show where 3/4 of the actors give their lines with a sort of glassy stare. But hey, as the drama ratchets up between B and Little J, and Serena’s crazy ex-best-friend stalks the unsuspecting Dan, let’s take a moment to appreciate another show that keeps up with the musical times. This week’s ep even featured a Vampire Weekend song, making me think that it’s probably someone at Brooklynvegan that moonlights as the music editor.

So if you’re dying for some Upper East Side glamour in your life, steal your friend’s mom’s Valentino dress and rock out to the following.

01 The Kills — Sour Cherry
02 Crystal Castles — Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs HEALTH remix)
03 Flo Rida — Elevator
04 Figurines — The Air We Breathe
05 The Deadly Syndrome — Eucalyptus

Bonus Video: Henry Mancini’s absolutely gorgeous “Moon River”

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