Catchup, part two


My new Bishop Allen disc (June) arrived. The EP-a-month idea seems to be falling a leetle behind, but that’s all right. Keep working, guys! I love ya! The June EP is beautifully decorated; I just love the cover art. And the music is the same Bishop Alleny goodness.

Bishop Allen – Number 39

Buy the EPs digitally for only $4 apiece!

((sm))all ages shares some songs from “My Neighbor Totoro.” SO CUTE!!! I love Totoro. It’s the perfect movie for little kids, because nothing really scary happens. Everything is magical and sweet, and the scenery is really lovely beyond expression. Every time I see a Miyazaki movie, I want to jump in it and live there.

At the Late Greats, a list of songs that got the author through high school. Maybe you agree? From his profile, we are about the same age, but I didn’t listen to any of that stuff (except the Cure & Depeche Mode). Hm, this would be a fun topic to write about.

New Contrast Podcast up, with everyone who contributes having to sing their intro. Oy, scary. I don’t sing very well, just ask the inside of my car. It probably hates me. (ETA: I lied. The very newest one is songs about War and Peace. But now you can have War, Peace, and Bloggers Singing In Your Ear. Good times.)

Well, I heard the new Killers song, and … it was boring. Yep. So boring I’m not even gonna link to it. Go find it yourself! Sheesh.

Pop Culture

I salute Stereogum for keeping up with the Federlines for me! I mean, it’s kind of like cleaning bathrooms out — someone has to, but I’d rather not do it myself.

Dang it, I wanted to buy myself some Michael Stipe bacteria, but they’re all sold out.


I encourage everyone to visit Said the Gramophone, as it is fabulously poetic this week. Down at the bottom is a post called Curl Up With Guitars which I loved. I hope Sean doesn’t mind my posting a bit of the conversation that he had with Helvetia’s “Gladness”:

Helvetia – “Gladness”: We can take you where you’re going.
Me: Even though your boat is full of holes?
Helvetia – “Gladness”: Even though.

Sometimes I can’t follow Sean where he’s going, but this week I just could, and I liked walking his crazy, word-filled road.

From Each Note Secure, Concert T-shirt etiquette, which I have been trying to explain to people for YEARS. I violated #6 when I saw the New Ams once, but only because it was like 15 degrees out and I was frozen. SO THERE.

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    If you like the Contrast Podcast why not come and take part?? :) Tim

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    I’m thinking about it. I just sound like a dork on a microphone. :D

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