Doe Deere

*cues up “I Love the 80s” theme song*

If you want to know what’s happening on the electro front, the best place to go is Electroqueer. And EQ is where I found adorable, antler-wearing, 80s reviving Doe Deere. From her fabulous synthesizer to your speakers, she’s created a guaranteed chair-dancing experience.

She’s Russian, currently living in New York City, and cute as a button, but her songs aren’t all sugar. What I like best of all is that the tunes are spicy high-heel stompers — dance songs for a strong girl getting out there on the floor and going for her boy of choice. Songs like “What U Like” or “Supernatural” don’t say, hang back and shake your booty in case there’s a guy in the VIP section watching you (à la Mr Timberlake) — they say, I’m a hurricane / when it comes to boys, or I’m not your average, ordinary girl. I can’t say how much I love that kind of rhetoric.

For five measly bucks you can buy a digital version of her “Supernatural” EP — just make sure you have a gmail account that can handle the 19G download — or, if you’re broke, she kindly says that she’ll email you the whole dang thing for free. How much sweeter can she be? I bought it last night late and it’s been rocking my jukebox ever since.

I’m including an mp3, because that’s how I find so many good bands, but people, this is what I’m talking about — you need to support artists like this who have no major label, no method of distribution except to be awesome and collect your five bucks whenever they can. If you like this, go give her some love! You can’t get something for nothing forever; what you’re going to end up with is … nothing. Be responsible! Save the wildlife! :D

Doe Deere — Myspace | Site

[ed note — track removed. buy the whole EP from Doe, for crying out loud.]

Doe Deere — One Touch



  1. Doe Deere’s avatar

    Wow, thanks for blogging about me! You’re awesome! ♥

  2. Hazm!’s avatar

    Oh wow she’s so cute!

  3. zh’s avatar

    Doe — you’re welcome, you deserve lots of good press.

    Hazm! — so very cute, right? :D

  4. EQ’s avatar

    Hey Zara –

    Just wanted to say thanks for linking to EQ as you have been doing for quite awhile! I couldn’t find ur email address, thus leaving a comment for you! Glad you like our video picks and I love your blog too…I dip in and out of it every so often.

    Raj :)

  5. zh’s avatar

    You’re welcome, Raj. I love EQ so very very much; I visit it all the time. Keep that electro coming! *hugs her Doe Deere music*

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