Music For the Masses

Random stuff keeping me occupied:

[ed note: tracks removed. pls contact me for a copy.]

01. Immuzikation — Sweet Young Angel (Feist vs burial vs Jens Lekman)
      [Myspace — warning, this is the ugliest myspace ever]
02. Gangstagrass — On the Run
03. The Polyamorous Affair — Merry Go Round
04. Camera Obscura — Your Sister’s Social Agony
      [Underachievers Please Try Harder, 2004]
05. ABBA — Take A Chance On Me
      [The Album, 1977]

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  1. RZA’s avatar

    Hey, have you heard of a band called Noah and the Whale? They make some pretty nice indie folk…check ’em out!

  2. Carolyn’s avatar

    Just stumbled across your blog and by the sounds of it, you might like to hear Robin Grey, an East London musician.

    You can download Robin’s latest e.p. from here –

    modifythevan releases music under a creative commons license – feel free to share

    Best wishes


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