Video Hookup

Time to clean out the ol’ starred items list.

01. Via BoingBoing, someone laid down “Smooth Criminal” over Fred Astaire dancing. The result goes to prove what we already knew — that Astaire really was as smooth as a waxed glass floor.

02. At MoB, some video of Weinland doing “Curse of the Sea.” I’m rather fond of Weinland and their super laid back music.

03. Via Fabulist!, Florence and the Machine’s video for “Kiss With A Fist.” It reminded me of how my husband always says a woman can hit a man without there being much of an outcry.

04. At Fuel, Captain Sexyhair shakes his groove thing in Denver (live video for “Barrier Reef”). Nothing much to say about that because I’m too busy writing his name in my Trapper Keeper.

05. And speaking of Cpt. Sexyhair, the Music Slut notes that you can catch a nice performance on the Spinner. Just fancy me, telling you to visit AOL.

06. Culture Bully points us to the video for Goldfrapp’s new song “Caravan Girl.” Not much happens in said video but somehow I’m okay with that.

07. Brooklynvegan has video of Emmylou Harris on Letterman. I love & worship Ms. Harris but the fact that she looks shiny & plastic is very sad to me. *sigh* Grace is dead, long live botox.

08. Cute Overload has a very, um, cute video titled “An Eye for Annai.” A one-eyed creature goes out looking for his extra eye. This has nothing to do with anything but I liked it.

09. Fabulist! also had video for a Belgian band called Fixkes and this adorable video entitled “Lievelingsdier.” I have no idea what it’s about, obviously, but honestly, I do not care, I could watch it all day. [ed note: a nice reader named Ward explains what the song’s about in his comment.]

10. And La Onda Tropical has video from Colombian band Choc Quib Town — I like that the music is political and promotes solidarity but is also awesome. American bands, please take note.

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  1. barb’s avatar

    That smooth criminal vid was awesome. Thanks for the link!

  2. Ward’s avatar

    I’m from Belgium, so I’ll let you in about some secrets on Fixkes ;)
    They are from Stabroek, near Antwerp (one of the biggest cities in Belgium). They sing in their own Stabroek language (which is a dialect of Dutch). In this song the singer is reflecting on what’s his favorite (lievelings) animal (dier), but in the end he concludes by calling his girlfriend his favorite.

    This song is their newest single, although it hasn’t still become as big of a hit as their 2007 one called Kvraagetaan (which means something as asking whether someone wants to become your girlfriend as in “I want you to be my girlfriend”) This song was on number one in the top 50-chart for over 17 weeks, which is the absolute record. You should look that song up, despite of what the song title says, it’s not really about love but about them recalling their young live in the eighties. Well, I looked it up for you :)

  3. juliette’s avatar

    woot! that’s a second on the fred/cyd vid. fantasteek.

  4. zh’s avatar

    Ward — thanks so much for the comment! The video is even more fun now that I know more of what it’s about. Thank you for the other link too — I can see that it’s very 80s (ouija board, hah!). And now I know a phrase in Stabroek.

    J & Barbie — Astaire could dance to anything, but that was ridiculous, huh :D

  5. Ward’s avatar

    Huh, what do you mean by J & Barbie – Astaire could dance to anything?
    What’s this about? :)

  6. zh’s avatar

    I just save space by replying to all previous comments in one post. I was replying to my sister and Barb, who commented above & below you.

  7. Ward’s avatar

    oh haha, I is stupid.

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