AA Bondy

You ever get the feeling that everyone’s at a party somewhere and they didn’t invite you? And you’re kicking your heels at home while they’re all out enjoying themselves? Well, I spent the whole of year 2007 reading blogs obsessively, and not once did AA Bondy fly by my radar (I won’t admit that I never read about him, because I probably did. But no one shoved it in my face like they should’ve!). I come to find out that even Daytrotter was in on the secret, and he recorded a great session there.

Bondy falls into the genre of alt-country — or, if you think that genre is played out, which I don’t, you might call it folk or blues — but it’s totally six of one unless you’re a snob. Heavy on the harmonicas and call & response; bluesy, sweet and bitter by turns, the 2007 release was called “American Hearts,” and I can’t believe I missed it because it would have made my top 10. Man, I love that stuff, I can’t get enough of it, and “American Hearts” is a classic example of genre, though it gets political in places (“American Hearts” is, if I hear it right, a gentler companion to “American Idiot.”). If you’re going out to see Bon Iver this fall, you’ll get an extra treat: Bon Iver and AA Bondy, folk country overload. What a party.

AA Bondy — Myspace | Label (Fat Possum)

[ed note — tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

AA Bondy — Killed Myself When I Was Young

AA Bondy — American Hearts



  1. wendy’s avatar

    Interestingly enough, I was doing promo for that album late last summer. We loved it, but because of the late July-early August lull, we didn’t get a lot of traction on it. People I button-holed really liked it, but it didn’t get a new life until a few people wrote about it late in the year and gave it some love. At that point, many more people discovered it as a sleeper hit of 2007.

    I think it’s one o the best albums of last year for sure…so straight forward and familiar but at the same time it is totally original. I don’t ever get tired of it…it’s got that classic Neil Young Harvest kind of vibe to it.

  2. zh’s avatar

    Yeah, my alt-country sources really failed me on this one. It’s such a great album, I can’t stop listening to it. Talk about your sleepers. :)

  3. Ron’s avatar

    I’ve got ‘Vice Rag’ on my iTunes…let me know if you need it/want it…

  4. zh’s avatar

    Of course you have excellent taste, Ron! I should have known. Thanks, but I bought the whole shebang myself.

  5. Matthew’s avatar

    Oh I bloody love this. A reader emailed me his stuff and I was completely smitten. A great album.

  6. zh’s avatar

    I’m definitely on the Smitten By Bondy bandwagon. He did a set for Daytrotter too, go check it out, I love the DT version of “Among the Pines.”

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