Summer Mix

Doesn’t everyone have one of these? Well, I wanted to do one too, so there. This one is more loosely put together than usual but still meant to be listened to in order; and hopefully the last song doesn’t insult anyone. The 90s were a time of … uh … looser speech? Or is it loserspeak? I forget which. At any rate, enjoy “The Warmer the Waves,” either in little pieces or a rar file containing all the songs.

01 dj john — rockin down the house with rum & coca cola (the andrews sisters vs. mi 7)
02 m ward — here comes the sun again
03 led zeppelin — down by the seaside
04 bishop allen — that summer
05 dan zanes & angelique kidjo — jamaica farewell
06 the innocence mission — once upon a summertime
07 the beatles — octopus’s garden
08 ben kweller — sundress
09 bright eyes — tourist trap
10 pm dawn — set adrift on memory bliss
11 the ronettes — paradise
12 dead milkmen — bitchin’ camaro

Summer Mix rar file

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  2. juliette’s avatar

    yay i wanted this m ward song. thanky!

  3. zh’s avatar

    You’re both very welcome.

  4. Tegan’s avatar

    Great Mix, Thank you!

  5. zh’s avatar

    You’re very welcome, Tegan.

  6. Shandy’s avatar

    Thankyou for this, especially The Innocence Mission song, which I didn’t know existed.

  7. zh’s avatar

    You’re welcome! Innocence Mission is so great, all their songs basically sound like summertime :)

  8. Mari’s avatar

    Hey guess what! Bishop Allen was recently in the Street Date studios- check it out!

    Bishop Allen in the Street Date Studios

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