Electric Touch

[ed note — Before I start, let me just say that if you have a good connection but you’re not watching Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you’re missing something extraordinary. So go watch it. Then you can come back and read this.]

Apparently if you put the UK and Texas in a blender and add some hipster all-black attitude and a wayback machine, you come up with Electric Touch. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally sold on a band that lists Bukowski and Muddy Waters as influences; not to mention that the music is action-packed but retains some pop sensibilities at the same time, kind of a lot like Aerosmith or Cheap Trick.

Electric Touch utilizes that big rock sound beautifully — at the end of “Who Put the Fire Out” there is a gorgeous guitar riff which makes me totally picture the guitarist standing on top of a big desert rock while the camera circles slowly around him (helicopter shot!) … you know what I mean (not Creed; think more like Bon Jovi or Guns N Roses). It’s a sound that is difficult to capture without sounding cheesy or overblown (now you can think about Creed). And though the lyrics I hear are more Morrison than Bukowski, the sound is good. Really, really listenable: their debut album will be released August 26th. Just please, guys, do not start wrapping scarves around the microphone. I beg you.

Electric Touch — Site | Myspace | Label (Justice)

Electric Touch — Who Put the Fire Out

Electric Touch — Love In Our Hearts


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