Hotel Lights

Hotel Lights put out my favorite summer song of 2006, “AM Golden Hit.” I’m not a synaesthete or anything but that song is lit up yellow: July sunlight dripping through a window. Now Darren Jessee and fellow band members are back with a new album (to be released August 19th).

“Firecracker People” is low key, heavy on the piano, heavy on the Sparklehorse influence. It’s unobtrusive but pervasive — the kind of music that gets under your skin without you realizing it. The subject matter is as ethereal as a dream you just woke up from: ghosts, flying, mysterious rain showers, running away in slow motion. My favorite song is the title track: We are firecracker people, sings Jessee, going off all the time.

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[ed note — tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

Hotel Lights — Firecracker People

Hotel Lights — AM Slow Golden Hit


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    Hello, Love your music. WOuld it be possible to get a copy of AM Slow Golden Hit by Hotel Lights?

    Many Thanks,


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