Gossip Girl, part 5

Well, things between Blair and Chuck are cooling down again, but it was a spectacular run while it was happening! Serena and her blah-blah relationship with Dan cannot compare, can it? Though Lily and Rufus were interesting for five minutes, when Rufus wasn’t being all “me me me me me me ME.” If only Lily would kick him to the curb! But no, the drama must remain high.

So you say you want to talk someone out of jumping off a roof ledge? Here are some tunes to get your courage up. This post goes out to Kendrick’s girl, if she should happen to read it :D

01 Greycoats — Watchman, What Is Left Of the Night? (2.16, “You’ve Got Yale!”)
02 The Faint — Mirror Error (2.15, “Gone With the Will”)
03 Shiny Toy Guns — Ricochet! (2.14, “In the Realm Of the Basses”)
04 The Sound Of Arrows — Danger! (Ice Cream Shout version) (2.11, “The Magnificent Archibalds”)
05 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour — The Sun Ain’t Shining No More (2.12, “It’s A Wonderful Lie”)
06 Franz Ferdinand — No You Girls (2.15, “Gone With the Will”)
07 Department Of Eagles — No One Does It Like You (2.14, “In the Realm Of the Basses”)
08 UNKLE (feat. the Duke Spirit) — Mayday (2.14, “In the Realm Of the Basses”)
09 The Little Ones — Like A Spoke On A Wheel (2.14, “In the Realm Of the Basses”)
10 The Fratellis — Tell Me A Lie (2.02, “Never Been Marcused”)

[ed note — the Greycoats song is, according to Gossip Girl Insider, supposed to appear on next week’s show. I hope it does so I don’t look dumb. But even if it doesn’t, it’s actually an awesome song.]

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  1. jane’s avatar

    That’s so funny that you mentioned Gossip Girl (Blair and Chuck’s uncle… WTF) and the Little Ones since Josh Schwartz and Alex Patsavas are working together again on Rockville, CA (http://www.thewb.com/shows/rockville-ca/).

    Tons of cool bands, and live performances will be available online.

    Also, Blair and Chuck will probably only cool down until sweeps, but it’s defintely awesome is what’s up.

  2. zh’s avatar

    Well, “cooling down” as in, she threw her flowers at him as the elevator doors closed in his adorable face. But you’re right, I shall wait for sweeps to finish before I close the book on ’em.

    Yes, what is up with that smarmy uncle? I knew he was bad news the minute I laid eyes on him!

  3. Tyler’s avatar

    Some of the songs here are ok. I like the Fratellis and Shiny Toy Guns.

  4. Icka’s avatar

    Woo hoo, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour!!!

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