Desert Noises

I have to give love to my former place of residence, Provo UT, where I spent seven years acquiring a degree at Parentally Approved Religious University. There was a fun band scene going on back then (not all of it related to PARU, just in general) & I’m sure it hasn’t changed. So, yes, there is music here and not just maudlin memories — the band is called Desert Noises.

Listening to it reminded me strongly of Ill Lit and some of the stuff off of “Tom Cruise” — there’s even some electronica mixed in — but with a little more zip & harmony. Songs like “New Man” and “Blue Skies” are charming and well put together for a group of youngsters, that’s right I said youngsters, now all you kids get off my lawn. If you like Ill Lit, the Damnwells, perhaps even the Band of Annuals, this is music for you.

Desert Noises has a s/t EP available on iTunes, and if you happen to be hanging in the intermountain west, they may head to a city near you. From what I read, their live show is very good and worth catching. Makes me wish I could pop over to Velour and catch it — I used to live not so far from there. Eeeeanyway. The music, you should hear it.

Desert Noises — Myspace | Label (Northplatte)

Desert Noises — New Man
New Man video at Speed of Dark



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    An interesting but longstanding issue relates to the Tarski theme displaying “no comments” when the comments count is zero. Do visitors think comments are closed? I decided to write a post about it. Hope it helps!

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    Hi — I just wanted to thank you for the link to my blog. I appreciate it!

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    This is the new big band in provo. Well, one of them, with Sharkspeed and classic Provo indie hipster group the Elizabethan Report, among others.

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    Well you know if it filters out this-a-way, it must be the new big thang. I’m sure you wouldn’t be caught dead at a show, though.

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