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A million little ticky links to get out there:


At Mars Needs Guitars, U2 Live Madison Sq. Garden, Oct 25, 2001:

Part One

Part Two

At Rbally, REM at at the National Bowl July 30, 1995

Part One

Part Two

At Kwaya Na Kisser, The Arcade Fire live at Vegoose last year


vide for Band of Horses’ “The Funeral”

video for Mountain Goats’ “Woke Up New”


Via Best Week Ever, How the Nazis Gave Us Disco, a look at the role of the DJ during WWII.

Via Filmcritic.com, Top 50 Movie Endings. Spoilers, obviously :D

Via People magazine, we learn that Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson are breaking up. Gwyneth and Gwen better look out.

Vegoose 2006 has announced its lineup. Looks like good stuff.


On Myspace, you can preview tracks for the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, which is oh so indier than you.

Via Goodhodgkins, a new album from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I have not heard this band personally, but they are indie darlings. And it’s good to know that someone still loves Boris Yeltsin.

Mountain Goats have some new fall tour dates.

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  1. merz’s avatar

    Thanks for the link to Mars!

  2. LeavingLiverpool’s avatar

    Cool video by the Band of Horses. I really love those guys. They completely held my undivided attention through their whole set. Pretty much made me a fan of indie instead of a passive listener.

  3. zara’s avatar

    A — You’re such a Band of Horses fanboy. Hee hee.

    Merz — You’re very welcome.

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