Bands I Don’t Like

Well, I have a lot of music to sift through, but truth be told, I’m still hung up on Casiotone. I don’t want to listen to anything but “Toby Take A Bow” on repeat, so I present a little segment I like to call:

5 Bands I Don’t Like that Everyone Else Does And You Might Too, If I Just Featured Them, Which I Won’t.

1. I’m From Barcelona

I think they’re boring as hell, but they’re indie darlings. You could, if you were so inclined, stream their EP “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy!” at EMI Sweden.

2. The Pipettes

I know, I totally ought to be on the Pipettes bandwagon, but that whole dressing-in-the-same-poodle-skirt ouevre just turns me off. Nevertheless, many people scream about them like teenage girls at an Elvis concert. They were blogged about just yesterday and you can see a video and hear music at Turquoise Days.

3. Cursive

My brother-in-law used to be a Saddle Creek junkie. “Just listen to Cursive, you’ll love it! I swear!” he used to say. Well, he got me hooked on Azure Ray, but I resisted whatever glamour that Cursive tried to lay on me. They have a new album coming out. Check out the details at Rewriteable Content (of course, one assumes he means “sneak peek,” and not that you’ll climb a mountain in a ninja suit).

4. Xiu Xiu

Way, way too wall of sound for me. But lo-fi is the new hi-fi, didn’t you know? And what a hypocrite I am, turning up the Casiotone while I talk bad about the Xiu Xiu listeners. I’m sorry, I’m very sorry. So Xiu Xiu also has a new album coming out, read about it at I guess I’m floating.

5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

To me, this is like the emperor’s new clothes — everyone knows this band sucks, but everyone’s afraid to say it, because then their indie image will be ruined. Well, I don’t have an indie image, so I’ll point out that I hate this band, I hate the singer, and I’d barely classify their sound as “music” in the first place. But you might like it, and therefore think I’m full of crap. Or if you don’t, you’ll be too afraid to admit it. You can download some live tracks at The BMRant.

(Please don’t send me nasty emails about how Xiu Xiu rules or I suck or whatever. This is all tongue in cheek, and you like what you like and I like what I like, and like Bright Eyes says, it’s cool, we can still be friends.)


  1. LeavingLiverpool’s avatar

    You are just so full of hate! :) If C had a blog it would be whole blog of bands he hates–at least you have limited yourself to five. I commend your restraint.

  2. Nick’s avatar

    That was a sweet diss you made about my misspelled title. To bad I can’t change it now, since any links will die. Shit.

  3. zara’s avatar

    I made this post in honor of C, since he is off in Butterland unable to vent his hatred of all things Less Indie Than He. Hee hee

  4. zara’s avatar

    Nick – Please don’t change anything, as I’m sure no one notices that kind of thing but sad ex-English teachers like me.

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