Alan Wilkis

By some happy chance I got a copy of Alan Wilkis’s album “Pink and Purple” and faithful reader, it is fan-frigging-tastic. It was like being transported back to my teen years, only better (to be fair, anything would be better than that). The whole record is chock-full of 80s vibe, but it’s not derivative at all. Like Doe Deere, it has upped synth and beat to the next level, creating something as modern as it is retrospective. It’s a slim six songs long, so you don’t get bored, and I dare you not to at least chair-dance.

If they’d played this at my school dances back in the day, I might have gotten out there and danced to swank tracks like “N.I.C.E.” and “Gotta Get You Back.” “Snuggle Up To Nail Down” is my favorite track, with its wry summary of pretty much every relationship: Sometimes it’s like we’re doing double-dutch. Just don’t get tangled in the ropes … oops, too late.

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Alan Wilkis — N.I.C.E.


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