Weekly Roundup

Celebrity Quote of the Day: “Of her album, she says, ‘I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it’s so good.'”

–Paris Hilton, speaking of her new album “Paris.” You should cry, Paris. We all are.
(Source: USA Today)

The Rawking Refuses To Stop makes some excellent points about indie music in the Downloadable Age (I feel like that ought to be a Stephenson novel).

Funniest Culture Bully post ever + new Jet song you can say you liked before it got all trendy. Just kidding! It’s already trendy.

Beirut, interviewed by Pitchfork.

New Beyonce video for “Ring the Alarm,”
, and then some spot-on analysis of it by Status Ain’t Hood. “Ring the Alarm” reminds me of that weird Gwen Stefani cover video where they’re coming to lock her up. Whatevs.

Blogs Are For Dogs puts up mp3s for ALL of Pitchfork’s “200 greatest songs of the 1960s.” Give ’em love! That’s a lot of work. (Sadly, the files are on Sendspace, so you might get a lot of “Download Slots Not Available” type messages.)

Via Stereogum, New Beck video. Totally funkalicious. [Video no longer available, sorry to say.]

Via I am Fuel, good news about a new Ryan Adams / Willie Nelson album. Hopefully Mr. Nelson will keep Mr. Adams’s natural tendencies towards purple prose in check.


  1. Ron’s avatar

    Great love for the genius of Brian Wilson for getting the #1 slot! Still one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded

  2. Ron’s avatar

    adding this…
    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    sending that link…oh my god…my office is filled with Sam Cooke singing A Change Is Gonna Come…whooo

  3. zara’s avatar

    Ron — I totally agree. I remember my mother singing along to it when I was young. As for Sam Cooke, you should have just said so, I have it hanging around on iTunes too. But I’m glad you’re getting a kick out of it! :D

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