First let me say how jealous I am of the people going to the Bookeaters Tour show tonight. I really wanted to go, but the cheapest tickets were $50, and no one told my car about the show, so it decided to bust its brakes and front axle. Thanks, car! I hope I’ll be reading about how great Darnielle’s set was from some of you.

Next, Gliss. Maybe I’m reviewing this band because I’m just a parrot of Come Pick Me Up, and maybe just because I like saying “gliss.” It’s all good.

Gliss is what would happen if you took an indie rock band and fronted it with Jim Morrison. I mean that in three ways. One, it seems pretty full of itself; its bio says coyly that “The press describes us as dark, sexy, psychadelic, and fierce.” Two, the lyrics often sound just like a book of Morrison’s poetry that I read once (I say “poetry” in the Jewel sense of the word). And three, the band is psychadelic and fierce, but more in that retro, sweaty lead singer with leather pants, long hair shaking, peyote ingesting way. And the lead singer always sounds completely out of breath, like he’s singing during a marathon.

Still, I’ve listened to “Kissing the Blvd.” about a hundred times, so there’s something to this whole fierce psychadelic thing. Gliss has a solid quality to its songs in spite of all the breathlessness. I’ll say this: this is a band with potential, and I expect to see it become more popular in the US as time goes on (they are quite popular already in the UK, and touring there currently).

Gliss: Site | Myspace

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Gliss – Blue Sky
Gliss – Kick In Your Head

I also recommend “Kissing the Blvd,” which you can stream at the myspace.