The Innocence Mission

Today’s featured band actually formed in 1989, and of course I missed them by a mile, so I’m remedying the error. Great music is great music, be it two years old or twenty, so have a listen to The Innocence Mission. Formed by four folks who met at Catholic school, it’s music out of Pennsylvania that sounds like it ought to be out of Iceland. Crazy, no? Oh yes, crazy like a fox.

Karen Peris, the lead, sounds like a cross between Bjork and Dido … a good cross. She adds an odd, foreign inflection to her lovely soprano, giving the songs an especially otherworldly touch. The Innocence Mission’s 2004 album, entitled “Now the Day is Over,” covers some old standards like “What A Wonderful World,” but deftly, doing something that no one on American Idol ever can — remaking them to sound almost original. And the original music, well, it’s resoundingly original. If there’s such a thing as music for the soul, and I believe there is, maybe it’s the mission of Innocence Mission to let their music live in the cathedral of our bodies, singing chorals to our better being.

The Innocence Mission – Site | Myspace | Label (Badman)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

The Innocence Mission – Bright As Yellow
The Innocence Mission – Tomorrow On the Runway
The Innocence Mission – What A Wonderful World (L. Armstrong)



  1. Zach’s avatar

    I love the innocence mission, thanks for the post. I am going to link to you unless you object.

  2. zara’s avatar

    No problem, link away. Thanks for asking.

  3. juliette’s avatar

    where have i heard bright as yellow before? seems like a million places.

  4. zara’s avatar

    One more reason you’re cooler than me, I suppose. :P

  5. juliette’s avatar

    i was hoping you’d tell me the commercial reference. sheesh! :D

  6. zara’s avatar

    No idea, o sponge of pop culture. I’ve never heard it before.

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