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The theme for the next Contrast Podcast is, “Entrance Music For A Film.” Like if you were making a film … what would the entrance music be? I know that entrance music can set the mood for the entire film. Romantic comedies get upbeat, jazzy music. Dramas get moody violins. Horror films get … moody violins? Well, they get to branch out a little, depending on the film. Animated features have the most fun, I think, you get things like the theme to “My Neighbor Totoro.” And … I’m rambling.

So anyway! This is a roundabout way to say that I’ve found my entrance music. Because my film would be set in Italy, and this music by San Ilya makes me think of sitting in the sun in Venice, and the eerie silence that happens when you sit in a city without cars. I don’t know what my film would be about — maybe just walking, and hearing the crunch of feet on gravel, the slap of water against a pier, the floating low song of a woman who is washing the dishes. “Without you, dear, I am nothing,” she’ll sing, “and there’s nowhere I belong.”

San Ilya – Site | Myspace |

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

San Ilya – They Died For Beauty
San Ilya – Soleil Soleil
San Ilya – Bellissimo



  1. juliette’s avatar

    bellissimo is a cover, isn’t it? i’m having a rather surreal morning.

  2. juliette’s avatar

    also i wonder if their theme was based upon radiohead’s spectacular song “exit music (for a film)”.

  3. zara’s avatar

    re: the podcast — yeah, most likely.

    re: “Bellissimo,” it’s also used in a Revlon commercial, which is probably where you’ve heard it before.

  4. juliette’s avatar

    aaaaaaah yesss because i do watch THAT much tv and i do subliminally get the songs in my head even tho i don’t really pay attention to ’em. which, truthfully, is the whole point of advertising. to make crap stick in heads. so: yay revlon.

  5. Leaving_Liverpool’s avatar

    Wow. It took me 3 days but my internet finally downloaded one San Ilya track. Wierd crap. I feel like I’m in a 1970’s spy movie or something when I listen to it. The only one I got is “They Died for Beauty” or some such thing. Third world internet has made this site less accessible, but keep up the great writing and I’ll get to the music when I can. ps. G wants boxing gloves for his bday. lol

  6. zara’s avatar

    Yep, San Ilya definitely belongs in a James Bond flick. And you’re the one that wanted to jaunt off to the third world. You should have known better. :D

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