Whatcha gonna do with your life?

On this fifth anniversary of people’s inhumanity to other people, I thought I’d say a little something about charity. I’m not gonna go into politics; suffice to say, I don’t believe in depending on the government to help those less fortunate. I believe that the best way for disadvantaged groups to get help is for you and I to dig into our bank accounts and give our own money away. Or, if we have no money, to volunteer our time or material donations.

If you look at Independent Charities, you’ll see a ton of worthy organizations that could use help. Any little bit helps, and I’m sure that they’d be grateful for any donation of money or time. Specific organizations include:

The Red Cross
Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women
Locks of Love
National center for family literacy
National park trust
Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation
Camp Courageous of Iowa
Children of the Night
Friends of Libraries, USA
Habitat For Humanity International
National center for missing & exploited children
ProLiteracy worldwide

That’s all. So, music. [These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

(Beethoven’s 9th Symphony & “Ode To Joy”; 23:38; performed by the London Festival Orchestra, conducted by Alfred Scholz)
The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

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